Monday, December 31, 2007

Six on Sunday

Yesterday was another very cold morning, it was 29 degrees pretty much our whole run. I had on capri pants, a short sleeve shirt, long sleeve shirt and a jacket.
When I was driving to the school it dawned on me that it might just be Brenda and Cindy and if there wasn't anyone else running I was going to turn around and go home!! I know that sounds silly but I can't keep up with Brenda and Cindy when they are running together. Lucky for me Joan had arrived home from her trip to North Carolina on Saturday night and was ready to run yesterday morning. When it comes to a race Joan will beat me every time, but she does her training runs at a slower pace. We were perfectly matched yesterday morning, so I had a running partner. It didn't take very long until the girls were off in the distance but that was ok, Joan and I were just fine bringing up the rear! LOL

About 1.5 miles into the run I told Joan that when we got to the gas station I would need to stop, but the good thing was that I was able to run the whole time until just before we got there. Good thing too because just a couple more seconds and I might of had a problem!

The bathroom break was just past the 3 mile mark, at first I thought if I can just make it 5 miles I will be ok with that. Luckily I started feeling better and I really didn't want to leave Joan to run by herself, although she would have been fine. One of the fun things about running with Joan is that she collects money, she has an eagle eye and she spotted 3 dimes and 3 pennies. We would have to stop for each one so that slowed our pace down a little bit but I honestly didn't care. It was a tough run but I was glad that I kept going. We hit our 6 miles right at the gates of the elementary school but we went ahead and jogged it in back to the cars. Brenda and Cindy had already finished but Brenda waited around to see how our run went. It really made me feel good that she did!!

I had warmed up during the run but as soon as we stopped I was freezing... I am so HAPPY to have heated seats now in my new CR-V!! Heated seats and Mountain Mudd coffee are the perfect combination to take the chill off!!

Yesterday afternoon was spent cleaning out the Red truck, grocery shopping and play cooking with Kylie :)

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