Sunday, August 8, 2010


It has been an extremely hot summer here in Arkansas this year. Many days in a row of highs over 100 degrees with heat indices of 110+. It has definitely impacted the quality of my running but not the quantity. I had my highest mileage week since I started running in July with 53 miles. To make running more bearable we run at 5:00am for all of our runs except for one evening run. Thursday nights at 7:00 we have a Cabot Cruiser group run and even with miserable conditions we have been having 15-25 people show up to run.
Lot's has been going on since the last time I blogged and there is no way I have the patience or anyone would have the desire to read it all in detail so I will just do a quick rundown.

Marathons this year so far -
Mississippi Blues - Jackson Mississippi
Surf City - Huntington Beach California
Little Rock - Arkansas
Hogeye - Fayettville Arkansas
Oklahoma City Memorial - Oklahoma
Fargo - North Dakota

Cabot Cruisers I became President of the Cabot Cruisers running club in May

Women Can Run Clinic-Another successful year, new friends, new running partners.

Life is good her in Casa de Blanton. Kylie and Livia have been in Brazil for the past 4 weeks but will be home next Sunday. I have missed them like crazy but I am so happy they were able to go and have this time with Livia's family.
Brett has been doing fine in Iraq, a couple of scary things have gone on but he has remained safe. He was home for 15 days and although I had to share him with old and new friends it was great to have him home.
I am blessed to have a lot of awesome friends and we have had lots of fun adventures.

Arland and I have a goal of 12 marathons in 12 months and if we are able to complete all of the races we have planned we will have it in the bag.
1-Long Beach
2-Mid South-Wynne
3-Rocket City
4-Mississippi Blues
5-Surf City
6-Little Rock
8-Oklahoma City
10-Leading Ladies SD*
12-Mother Road- Joplin