Friday, June 26, 2009

Life and Running

Well good grief I never thought I would be one of "those" bloggers who just stops blogging. I guess sometimes life just gets in the way.
Something else that got in the way... FACEBOOK... yes I am addicted to Facebook! BUT that is no excuse to stop blogging so I am going to try to get back to updating at least once a week or so.

What have I been up to in the past 2 months???
Well in April I ran the Nashville/Country Music 1/2 Marathon. We had a fairly large group and it was a fun weekend. Michele kept us out "honky tonking" till the wee hours of the morning on the Thursday before the Marathon and then on Friday we did ton's of walking at the Expo etc. Needless to say this was not one of our best races, but I got to run the whole thing with Michele and that was great!!

In May our Women Can Run Clinic ended with a graduation 5K the Saturday before Mothers Day. As a Leader I didnt' run the race but Michele and I stationed ourselves about a mile out and ran portions of the end of the race with all of our girls. We had such a great group of beginner runners and in our "C" group we really bonded and a group of us are all still running together at least once a week.
I'm really sad that I didn't blog more about this while it was happening (the clinic) because it really was just the most wonderful experience!!!

Livia and Kylie left for Brazil In May and will not be back until mid August so I've been very sad and missing them a lot!!

Work is VERY STRESSFUL.. somedays on the drive to work I feel nauseous. It has gotten somewhat better, mostly because I have reminded myself over and over to try not take every thing so personally!!

Ok this was just a start... I promise to update more this weekend.