Thursday, December 20, 2007

Wednesday night 8-miler

Wednesday nights are our 8 mile run. Last night it was Brenda, Michele, Kelly and myself. It was kind of chilly around 48 degrees but breezy. I was wearing a running skirt and my Run for Elijah long sleeve tech shirt. I started off with a really light jacket and gloves but I had to take the jacket off pretty quick.
This was the first time we had all run together in a couple of weeks... it was nice to have Michele back with us.
We started off at a nice pace not too fast not too slow. We weren't too far into the run when Kelly said she really needed a bathroom break, and lucky for her Brenda has a good friend who lives in the neighborhood where we were running. While Kelly and Brenda went to Suzanne's house Michele and I ran up and down the street. Brenda and I found a new street to run on last week, it is a nice gradual downhill but of course that means it's a not so nice gradual uphill on the way back!! I think running in these neighborhoods is going to be really good training for the Nashville Marathon. The whole run is a series of rolling hills. One of the advantages of running in the dark is you don't always see those hills until you are on them and you are usually half way through before you realize you've been running uphill. I know a couple of times last night I would think geez this is hard or I'm tired and then I would realize it was because we were running up.
Just before we got to the 1/2 way point and back to Michele's neighborhood I realized I really needed a bathroom break.
The bathroom break was the only time we stopped, other than once or twice when we were crossing a busy street and we had to wait for traffic.
The last 1/2 of our run was faster than the first which is always a good feeling. The faster we would run the less we would talk though and I missed the chatter, but I myself really couldn't talk.
Michele and I finished our 8 miles before Brenda and Kelly because of their bathroom break but we kept running until they hit 8.
It was a really awesome run and I was so proud of Kelly, she wasn't really planning on running 8 miles, but she hung in there with us and finished strong.
As soon as I got home I jumped in a hot shower and OUCH.. I had chaffed in a lot of places! I don't think I had than much chaffing in the middle of the summer!

Something weird must have happened to my Garmin because my first mile split is messed up.
8.31 miles
1- 6:56 .64 I don't know what this is all about???
2- 10:39
3- 10:22
4- 10:20
5- 10:18
6- 10:02
7- 10:00
8- 10:01
9- 6:32 .67
I show an average pace of 10:16 but I accidentally started it again when I was putting my jacket it on adn I'm not sure how much time that added.
I think Brenda showed an avg of 8:06 and Kelly's was right around there.
It doesn't really matter it was a great run, and we all enjoyed it so who could ask for more?

I missed spinning class this morning... a combination of thunder/lightening and heavy rain plus just plain not feeling well, so I just turned the alarm off after the first or second time.
I'm feeling kind of like a slug for missing, but I think in the long run maybe it will be a good thing... sometimes we need rest even more than a workout.
I'm also really sore from Wednesday's body sculpting class.

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