Monday, December 17, 2007

Weekend Running

The plan for Saturday morning was to meet at SSE at 7:00am. When my alarm went off at 5:50 it was thundering & lightening and pouring down rain.. I rolled over turned the arlarm off and that was the end of that or so I thought. When I finally did get up at about 8:00 it was still raining. A quick check of my e-mail showed that the run had been postponed to 10:00am. I told myself I would just run on the treadmill later. Yeah right the more I thought about it the more I realized how unlikely it was I would end up on the treadmill. I made the decision to get dressed and meet the others at 10:00. I am SO glad I did, it ended up being perfect, sure a bit chilly at the start but with no wind I was warm and taking off my jacket before we even got to our first mile.
I ran with Vicki,Joan & Jane and it was great. We ran a very comfortable pace, the route had a few hills including the big one on Mount Carmel but they were no problem. Vic and Jane stopped at 5.1 miles but Joan and I added on to get in 6.
6 miles
10:47 avg pace

Sunday I was meeting Cheryl and Brenda at the River Trail the weather forcast called for a sunny but very cold day. We had orginally decided on 10:00 but after some discussion decided to move it back to 11:30. This also worked out really well for Brenda. She had a work Christmas Party the night before so she was able to sleep in a bit.
I went to Cheryl's house at 11:30ish, while there I got to see Georgie and my how he has grown and goodness he has the bluest eyes!!!. Soon after we headed out and met Brenda at the Skate Part right around 12:00. It really was a beautiful day but oh so windy and cold. We got started and I thought I'm forgetting something, it only took one gust of wind for me to realize it was my gloves. We ran back to my truck I got my gloves and we were on our way. It was a headwind pretty much the whole way out 4 miles. But even with the wind I warmed up and was comfortable for most of the run. Cheryl is still recovering from her cold and was not feeling well at all!!!! We decided to change from our plan of 12+ miles to 8. There were not very many people out on the River Trail yesterday but most of the people we did see were friendly. We ran into one guy who lived in Hot Springs but came to Little Rock just for the River Trail. He had two doggies and Brenda and Cheryl spent some time visiting with them... LOL

Brenda kept us entertained with stories from the Christmas Party... we also tried to talk Cheryl into changing her Marathon plans. We suggested she run the 1/2 in Little Rock and then run the Country Music Marathon in Nashville with all of us. I couldnt' really tell what she thought of that idea. She was in too much pain from her shoulder to really be able to read her face.

Total for Sunday ended up 8.11 miles.

It was really nice to get to sleep in both Saturday and Sunday and still get in two good runs!

Next weekend Cheryl has 16 on her long run schedule and my plan is to do it with her. We will probably run with the LR marathon training group.

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