Sunday, December 2, 2007

St. Jude 1/2 Marathon Memphis TN

Huge shout out to Aunt Martha for graciously allowing us to stay with her, she is such a nice lady!

Arland and I picked Kim up on Friday morning and then he took us to Sherwood to meet Cheryl. Another big thank you to Glen for letting us use the Focus it saved us a ton of money on gas!
We had a few stops to make, the most important one of course was Starbuck's!! I tried a new drink this time. I had a sugar free - fat free Gingerbread latte, have to say not my favorite but not bad I did drink most of it. Next stop was Cheryl's mom's house, Kim and I were dissapointed that she wasn't home, maybe another time.... I hope!!
The drive to Memphis was pretty uneventful we had no problems and drove straight to the Cook Convention center for the Expo. This expo was way better than Tulsa!!!! I was extra happy that the "spibelt" booth was there and I was able to stock up. I also bought a couple of "Bondi Bands" they are super cute but just don't work that great for me, I still need to experiment with the best way to wear them. I borrowed one from Kelly at the Duck race and made it work, but I tried to wear one a different way for the race yesterday and it was falling off before I even made it 1/2 a mile.
We roamed around for a little while, Kim and Cheryl got foot analysis's done and bought new inserts and I got a free 10 minute massage.
We were starting to get really hungry, I honestly don't think I ate breakfast, no I know I didn't I had Kylie that morning and barely had enough time to get the both of us ready to go. Cheryl did share some peanutbutter crackers with me and of course the Starbuck's helped sustain me for a while.
We decided to have lunch near Cheryl's aunt's house and eagle eye Kim found us a great little cafe to try. They had soup and salad's and I had a sandwich, everything was really yummy! I would like to go back sometime when I don't have a race the next day. Kim had a tomato soup that looked so good that I really wanted to try but I knew it wasnt' a good idea.
Aunt Martha's house was very close to the restaurant and we were there in just a few minutes. She has such a nice house, it is in a really nice older neighborhood lot's of trees and not all of the houses look the same!!
Chery's cousin Grace was with Aunt Martha... that girl is something else very boisterous. She was still on a Hannah Montanna high after seeing her the night before. I of course know a lot about Hannah Montanna becasue of Kylie, I have watched hour's of that show and I have the CD in my truck for whenever Kylie is riding with me.

We were able to just relax and visit with Martha for a couple of hours before we all went to dinner. I was excited that Joan, Ginny, Kelly and Robert were also joining us. I was less excited that we couldn't all sit together but they did put us at two boothes next to each other. I was sitting behind Cheryl and Kim and I was constantly hovering over there shoulders, wanting to know what they were going to eat etc.
I had a grilled chicken salad and I split a baked potato with Kelly. All the portions were huge no one could even eat half of their dinner. During dinner of course the conversation turned to the race the next day. Joan was talking about the rolling hills on the course. Kelly said HILL"S with big worried eyes. I told her Kelly no don't worry there aren't really any hills just a couple of inclines but otherwise it is mostly flat. Turns out I am a big fat liar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but more about that later.
Dinner was lot's of fun, I love listening to everyone's stories, I just wish that Aunt Martha could have heard some of them. Next time we will wait longer so we can have one big table.
After splitting a huge piece of Carrot Cake with everyone it was time to go home and get ready for bed.
Aunt Martha the gracious host gave Kim and I her bed and Cheryl slept on a mattress on the floor. We have all travled together before so the sleeping arrangments worked out great.
I can't believe I didn't get any pictures of Martha and Grace. Hopefully maybe Cheryl did.
I will finish the race day report in a little bit.

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