Sunday, December 9, 2007

Whirlwind Saturday

Saturday started off eary 4:15am, I was picking up Kim at 5:20 and we were meeting Cheryl in North Little Rock. It's been a while since we've had to get up so early for a run. This time last year Kim and I were doing almost all of our runs at 5:30am, but now she is able to run during the day and I have been getting my runs in after work.
The three of us were meeting the Little Rock Marathon training group at the Rivermarket. It is a huge group and I just love the feeling of being surrounded by lot's of other runners. The leader of the group is a pretty funny guy he always gets us started with a very hearty "good morning crackheads"... I do wonder what the homeless people think when they hear that, not that all homeless people are crackheads!!
Anyway we get started and Cheryl and I both need to use the bathroom we tried to go before the run started but the bathroom was locked. We see the Peabody Hotel just ahead of us and decide we will stop to use their facilities. Before we make it to the Peabody though a young girl crashed right beside us. It looked and sounded awful, she made such a loud thunking sound when she fell. I know that it had to hurt like hell but I can imagine she was pretty embarassed as well. I have had a couple of falls in the past few months and I know that both times my pride hurt almost as much as my physical injuries.
Once we got to the Peabody we tried to look as inconspicious as possible as we were looking for a bathroom. We did eventually find one were able to take care of business and we were off. Thank goodness for the Peabody!!
We had 14 miles planned so we started at a comfortable pace, but it was pretty chilly and breezy and it was hard to get comfortable. I loved running through "town" I loved the way the Christmas lights looked reflected in the Arkansas River... very pretty!!
Soon we were on the River Trail, it didn't take long before the people who were doing 7 miles were headed back towards us. Kind of made you feel really slow!! But it was nice there were a lot of friendly people out and lot's of "good mornings" were exchanged. We were also treated to a little bit of eye candy. At one point there was a very attractive fast young man who passed us, he was very friendly and when he got in front of us I sped up as if I were going to try to catch him... it was good for a laugh but damn if it didn't wear me out!! LOL
It was pretty much an uneventful run, Cheryl had her challenges and we ended up with 12.5 instead of 14 but that was fine by me.
It was after the run that was the best part, we went to Boulevard Bread Co. and had coffee and toast made with 8 grain heart healthy bread. It was all very delicious and it was also nice that there were quite a few other runners in there as well.

Next on the agenda was "High School Musical" I was meeting Livia, Tracy and Kylie, the plan was to go to a Brazillian cafe in the "Heights" for lunch but they are all late nighters so didnt' get up early enough to be able to go to lunch. Instead I headed to Target and then met them at Taco Bell.
The play was at the "Convention Center" it was funny to be driving to it after running by it earlier in the morning. Parking was a hassle and we barely made it inside before it started. It was actually very good and Kylie loved it! I did have one moment that made me feel bad. The little girls in front of us kept standing up, mostly because the people in front of them were. Well me and my big mouth said if everyone would just sit down we could all see. The mom in front of me grabbed her daughter and pulled her into her seat and then shot me such a dirty look. I felt like scum!!!

We had a Christmas party at 6:00 and I thought surely the play would be over by 4:00. Well not quite, I think it was 4:20 when they finally had the last curtain call. We rushed out but it took us over 30 minutes just to get out of the parking garage. Tracy dropped me off at my truck a little after 5:00, I was starting to panic a little bit, I still had bread to heat before the party. Of course I got stopped at every single red light on the way home. But we made it home I got the bread in the oven and we were at the party by 6:10.

It was a great party! Lisa and Bob hosted the party and they were very gracious host's! They have a lovely home and luckily it was big enough to accmodate everyone. Some of the highlights for me were getting to spend time with Gary's wife Julie and also meeting and visiting with Rick's wife Sarah.
The very best parts were the Christmas Carol's with Rick on guitar and the showing of the Picture montage that Arland made.

Kylie went to the party with us and she was such a sweetheart... very well behaved. I was a little worried about her belly when she ate 5 deviled eggs and quite a few grape tomatoes!! LOL

It was an exhausting day but also great I was surrounded by people I love throughout the whole day from start to end!

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Susan said...

Sounds like an EXCELLENT way to spend a day!

Kelly asked if I'd be running with you guys again before the end of the year. I suggested the weekend before Christmas.