Friday, December 7, 2007

Rest Day

Today is my rest day... I always take Friday's off, at first it just happened that way. When Kylie and Livia came home after being in Brasil for 3.5 months I asked if I could start having Kylie on Thursday nights. It was perfect she comes to Team 1 sometime in the afternoon and then I bring her back on Friday morning and Livia comes to get her sometime late in the morning. It is really nice becaue it extends the amount of time I get to spend with Kylie and it also gives Jeff some extra time with her too. When Livia and Kylie went back to Brasil in the late summer/early fall I started taking swim lesson's and also ran before swimming on Thursday nights.. It helped me to not miss her and Livia as much. Since Kylie has been back we have gone back to the Thursday night slumber pary. I still get in a good Thursday evening workout... have you ever ballroom danced with a 4 year old??? Well let me tell you it is very strenous!! It is a good workout and so much fun!
Yesterday things didn't work out as planned. I realized later in the afternoon I wasn't going to get Kylie this week, other plans were made.
Not only did I really miss my Kylie time but I also missed my Dancing with the Star's workout!! Sure I could have done it alone or I could have even gone out for a run but I just felt like a balloon that had been deflated so instead I rested.
I did workout yesterday I had a great spinning class yesterday morning, Stacy really worked us and for the first time in over a week I really pushed it during the class and felt like I really worked hard. So why do I feel like a slug who didn't workout yesterday??? Is it because it was so early in the morning? Or is it because I didnt' get my follow up workout last night?
Oh well I guess I will just chalk it up to extra rest and I'm sure that can't be a bad thing.... hopefully!! LOL


Arland said...

Remember, rest days are part of training!

Susan said...

She is a little doll!