Thursday, December 27, 2007

Treadmill Run

Yesterday was a pretty miserable day weather wise. Rainy/sleety cold and drab, Brenda and I had decided through e-mail that we probably were not going to be able to run in KK last night. I called Michele and she was pretty bummed. We all were our Monday and Wednesday night runs have become my favorites and I really look forward to them.
When I got home from work I called Brenda just to make sure we weren't going to run outside. It was pretty obvious but you sometimes you just have to make sure! LOL
We both had said that we would run on our treadmill's. More than likely I would have bailed and not done it if I hadn't talked to Brenda. While on the phone she said "so you ARE going to run on the treadmill...right?" That did it, now I was accountable. We both agreed we would report back to each other what our mileage was. Four miles was the minium with 6 being the desired amount. We both knew there was no way we would get eight in.
About 6:30 I changed clothes and headed upstairs, I had my i-pod and the t.v. not the same as running with friends but better than nothing. One HUGE advantage to running on the treadmill is being very close to the bathroom!!! LOL Just before I hit my first mile I had to run downstairs to visit the facilities and then again I think around the 3 mile mark. I guess it was a good thing I had to run inside last night!
I managed to get 5 miles running and then I walked half a mile to cool down. It wasn't such a terrible run... but all I can say is thank goodness for All My Children. I don't know if I could have done 5 miles without it!
I felt really good after the run... I was happy I actually did it, and now I realize that although the Treadmill isn't my favorite it is bearable when you just can't run outside.

Tonight is our Flyer's clinic and as Brenda and Cheryl mentioned in the comment section we have hill repeats tonight. I am not looking forward to it at all!! My legs are so sore from yesterday's body sculpting class and then I had spinning this morning.
Although I might not be looking forward to the hill repeats I am looking foward to seeing everyone and I am especially excited because my son Brett is going to be joining us. I was going to write about this the other day but Arland beat me to it, and he has a great post on his blog about Brett's Christmas present to me.

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Susan said...

Dreadhill, eh?

Good for you! I am actually considering putting in one day per week on it, as you know. Ugh. But for variety, warmth and safety!