Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Flying at the track

Due to a meeting Coach Dennis needed to attend our Tuesday night Flyer's group met at the High School Track. When we first got there the parking lot was packed, but I noticed the lights were not on at the track so we realized it must be something at the gymnasium or somewhere else. Kelly told me later it was a Choir performance.
When I left work yesterday I was cold so I dressed fairly warm for the run. I know that I always end up getting hot so I did wear a short sleeve tech shirt under the long sleeve shirt Cheryl and I got from our Bass Pro race in Springfield.
I was also wearing one of my "Bondi Bands" to cover my ears. We started off with a 1 mile warm-up it was me Cheryl and Kelly. Kelly is breaking in new shoes and new inserts so we lost her for a bit, the warm up was going well, it felt comfortable but then the problem that I had on Monday night came back for a visit. Luckily there is a very nice port-a-pottie right by the track and I was able to make a stop and then catch back up with Cheryl. She was already at 1 mile but she ran another loop with me so I could have 1 mile too. After the warm up we did our strides and then time for the work out. 2x800 and then 2x1000 at lactate pace Dennis has been concentrating on the lactate pace to help build our endurance for longer races Marathon, 1/2 marathon's. Cheryl, Kelly and I all started together but we all have different LT pace so split up soon after. As usualy I started too fast, my lactate pace is 9:45 and I did the first 800 at a 8:49 pace. The second one I tried to slow down but still did it just under a nine minute pace. I told Kelly the 1,000 will be slower... and it was but not by much. I felt like I got in a really good workout last night, I was comfortable in my long pants but I did have to take off the long sleeve shirt and I pushed the bondi band back off of my ears. Instead of strides we did 3/4 around the track at an easy jog as a cool down. I haven't added up all the mileage from last night but Cheryl had 4 miles so I probably had 3.75 unless of course she had her automatic pause on and then she probably had more and then so did I. It doesnt' matter it was a good workout.
My sister Tracy and Aunt Tamara were also there, I don't get to see them very much because they are in a different group and usually finish and leave before we do, but I'm so glad they are both running!!

Kelly tried to entice me into Starbuck's afterwards but I felt bad that Arland stayed at the track the whole time even though he could only walk so I didn't want to run off and leave him.

Robert had teased us with thoughts of Chili... wouldn't that be yummy on a cold night!!

It was fun running at the Track last night, I usually don't like running on the Track, something about the soft surface usually bothers my legs but not last night... the only thing was that after a couple of miles of going in one direction my left knee started feeling kind of tight. We did our last 1,000 going in the opposite direction which was very challenging as most everyone else was still going in the orginal direction. At one point Dennis said he could forsee a collision but I was very careful and moved far away when runners were approaching me.

The best part about running at the track is you get to see everyone Magness Creek sometimes we don't cross paths with the faster runners very often. Dennis told Arland he also really liked it because he could really see everyone. He gave me a very nice compliment last night, he said I had great form and that I was quickly becoming the poster child for good form. He also said that I was already the poster child for "stir the pot" our downhill running technique... he said he tells everyone about how well I do it. It is always nice to get positive feed back especially from someone you have so much respect for.

The other really great thing is we got to see other runners... there were several ladies from the Women Can Run clinic, and best of all Jane and Sarah P were there :) I havent' seen Jane since right after the Tulsa marathon when she came to the shop to check on Arland. We didnt' really get to talk last night since they were running one way and we were running the other but it was great to see them.

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Susan said...

Excellent! I like the track, also. When I return to running in January, I hope to get to the track!