Tuesday, January 1, 2008

A few 2007 Milestones

2007 is officially over, and what a year it was. Kim, Arland and I joined the Cabot Country Cruisers which opened up a whole new running world for us. I have made so many new friends because of the Cruiser's they not only enriched my running life by also my personal life as well. The Women Can Run Clinic and our Tuesday Night Flyer's with Coach Dennis also had a huge impact on my life!
I also met Susan "from Benton" through the blog world and have been blessed with her friendship!
It was also Susan who first encouraged me to start a blog, I was resistent at first but I obviously gave in. Cheryl and Arland also had a hand in that decision as well.

Here are some totals for the year.

Total miles 1270 and that doesn't include probably anywhere between 20 and 50 miles where I didn't have my Garmin. This year I am going to start logging my mileage at Running-Journal.com.

Total # of races 24
1 Marathon (Chicago)
3 1/2 Marathon's (Little Rock, Tulsa, Memphis)
1 15K
5 10K
1 4 miler
1 2 miler
12 5K

I won 12 Age group awards

My picture was in the paper 4 times. Twice in the small local paper, once in the State wide paper here in Arkansas and once in the Springfield Missouri local paper.
I was quoted in 1 newspaper article.

I volunteered in two 5K races. The Spring Fling and the Magness Creek Fight to get Fit 5K.

I drank a million cups of Starbuck's/Mountain Mudd/Daily Grind coffee. Ok that might be a slight stretch... but not by much!

2007 also was the year that my sister Tracy realized that running isn't so bad after all. My Aunt Tamara also kept running in 2007 and completed several 5K's. My son Brett has started running and I hope 2008 is his year :) I also hope that Livia will find her way back to running.

Cheryl continued running in 2007 and decided to train for a full Marathon. She still doesn't love running, but who knows maybe 2008 will change her mind. After all I can still remember her telling Kim and I that she would NEVER run a marathon and I can't count the times she told us we were CRAZY!! and here she is training for Little Rock!! ;)

I also started Spinning classes in 2007 and although I will cut back on those I am hoping to get out on the bike more in 2008.

Happy New Year everyone I hope 2008 is good to us all!!!

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Cheryl said...

I said I would never do a marathon? Well, we don't know if I can actually do it or not :) I still think you're CRAZY!!! But, I love you anyway....