Sunday, December 30, 2007

Saturday Fun

Cheryl has a great post on her blog about yesterday's run. She pretty much said it all, freezing cold, hard, miserable. I will add that I was so proud of Kelly she powered up all the hills and was just full of pep yesterday. I almost wanted to trip her!! just kidding Kel, you know I love ya!
I got a couple of pictures yesterday, I really wanted one of the three of us but that never happened.

Top photo is Cheryl and I and the second one is Kelly.

After a delicious Vegan Hummas sandwich at Boulevard Bread Co. in the River Market Cheryl drove me to Russell Honda so I could look at the CR-V's. I had already test driven one last week. I thought I wanted white but the "Glacier Blue" was kind of speaking to me so Arland wanted me to go look and decide before he started cleaning out his truck. The White one's seem hard to come by, when we went last week they said they would have one in on the third. Well it came in yesterday and was sold yesterday and another one wasn't coming in until the 19th. I didn't care I had fallen in love with the glacier blue, but then a sudden dilema. I also really liked the "Green Tea" color. Cheryl also really like the green one as well. I called Arland and told him it was safe to go ahead and clean out his truck because I knew I wanted one of the one's on the lot. I was halfway home when Cheryl called to let me know I had left my purse at her house. I swear I am so absent minded sometimes, especially after a long run!

I showered and changed while Arland finished cleaning out his truck and then we were off, first to Cheryl's to get my purse and then to Saturn. While we were taking a pit stop at the dog park I saw a new White Saturn Vue, they have changed their body style for 08 and I really liked it. I test drove the Vue and while I did like it, I didn't love it especially compared to the Honda CR-V. Next stop Honda to decide which color and get the paper work started. I took pictures of the green and blue and sent them to Livia. Like Cheryl and I she really liked the green too, but like me there was just something about the blue we liked better.
Finally the decision was made and now it was time to start negoiating. Arland's truck had high mileage and they didn't want to give us anything for it. He was stubborn and they did come up a little but still not a great trade in. No matter with the money I will safe in gas it will make up for it in the long run. It is so much easier and faster when you don't have a trade-in. The whole process seemed to take forever and I was really starting to feel fatigued from the early morning long run.
I am so thrilled with my new car/suv? I have felt for a long time that is was just wasteful that Arland and I both had big trucks. And I have been sick to death of paying $70.00 dollars a week for gas. My new vehicle is just so pretty and not too small but small enough to make parking much easier. Plus it is a Honda and Honda's hold their value much better than Ford Trucks!!! Here is a picture of my new little baby :) I don't think this picture does it justice so I will probably take some new one's later today.

After we finished the paperwork we went to dinner and then to see Kylie, we had talked on the phone several times and she was anxious to see "our" new car. We took her for a little ride and she loved it! She had been very resistent to me getting a new car, she love the big red truck and didn't want me to stop driving it. When we finally got home last night I was EXHAUSTED!! I fell asleep on the couch after about 15 minutes!


Kelly said...

Annette, it looks great! I am so excited for you and can't wait to go for a spin in it.

Cheryl said...

Cute car, can I test drive it? just kidding, not really. Horrible picture of me. Here is a link to the CR-V in your color.

Susan said...

Congrats! The Honda is gorgeous!

That Kelly is indeed a speedster!