Friday, December 28, 2007

Sport Specific

Coach Dennis told me last night that to be a better runner I needed to concentrate on "sport specifity". Last night was not the first time I have come to the clinic with trashed legs because of spinning or something else. This time it was because of Body Sculpting. We normally do upper body on Wednesday and we would have normally had our clinic workout on Tuesday night. Wednesday morning we did a full body workout which included a about a million squats and lunges. I knew even as I was doing them I would probably regret it later. Normally I like feeling sore after a workout, it makes me feel like I really worked hard, but when it interfers with my running, not so much!
After watching me trudge up the hill 6 times last night Coach pulled me, he said my upper body form was fine, but that he didn't like the way my legs looked and he was worried about injury. I have so much respect for Dennis that I obeyed I didn't even try to argue with him. Besides my legs hurt so bad it was a relief to not have to go up that hill again.
While everyone else finished their hill repeats I ran back and forth on the "flats" it was boring and I was lonely and feeling like a weiney for not being able to do the hill's with the rest of the group. I did end up going up one more time but this time I walked, it actually felt good kind of stretched my legs out a little bit. On the way down Coach and I talked about the importance of being rested and ready for our Tuesday night workouts. So in order to be able to give it my all on Tuesday nights I have decided I am going to have to quit Spinning on Tuesday mornings. I do believe that the Body Sculping and Spinning are good for me and help my running and make me stronger overall but I just have to tweak my schedule so they don't interfer with our workouts. I really want to become a stronger runner so I need to concentrate on running!

I was very proud of my girls last night!! Cheryl, Kelly and Jennifer got in 9 repeats and Brenda, Rock, & Cindy did 15!!!! they are awesome because that is one humongous hill... very steep!
Reed and Robert also did great I think they got in 12!!
Tracy and Brett had to do 3 and they told me later they did great and even felt like they could do more.
Cheryl has a great post on her blog about last night.

I was bummed not to be able to spend any time with Brett last night, but just knowing he was out there was great! I did get to see them for a few minutes they had just finished their hill repeats when we were starting ours. We had a 2 mile warm up and had to make a pit stop at Tracy's house.

Tomorrow is 16 on the River Trail with Cheryl ... I just hope my legs will cooperate!

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Susan said...

16 -- holy cow.

I understand completely the sport specific thing. My other working out has interfered with running a time or two. I hate that.