Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Tuesday Flyer's

Yesterday started out with a 5am Spinning Class. I can't say enough good things about Spinning. It is a great cardio workout, and great for the glute, quad's and hamstrings. We also do upper body stuff on the bike too. I'm lucky too because I LOVE our instructor Stacy. The one disadvantage to spinning is that sometimes on Tuesday's I don't feel like my legs have recovered in time for our Tuesday night Flyer workouts.
Last night when we first started our warm-up jog to our "play ground" I could feel the muscles I had used earlier in the day... but then that was replaced by an intense need to pee. I tried not to think about it, although in the back of my head I kept thinking well if worse comes to worse I can go to Tracy's house. When we got to the playground I noticed that Brenda and Cindy kept on running. I started my strides and then asked where they went as soon as I heard they went to Andrea's to use the facilities I took off in that same direction!!!

I got to see Andrea who had a couple of "surgical procedures" done yesterday. She looked great but I know it's going to be a painful couple of weeks for her!!! Her husband is a really nice guy and he never seems to mind that on Tuesday nights he sometimes has a stream of women going in and out to use the bathroom.

Brenda and Cindy had already left to head back to the group. The workout last night was mile repeats at Lactate Threshold pace. The advanced group had 3 and the intermediate group had 2. I normally do the intermediate workout but decided yesterday I was going to do 3. Of course I am no where near as fast as Brenda and Cindy so when the potty break put me behind I decided to start my first repeat from Andrea's house.
My LT pace is 9:45
1 - 9:28
2 - 9:25
3 - 9:35
You can see that I am not very good at pacing myself. I would look down at my garmin and when it would show me going too fast I would slow down but I could never find that "groove".
Luckily Kelly decided to do 3 repeats as well last night and we ran the last one together. When I was talking her into it I said we'll keept it about 10:00. It's a wonder that girl ever believes anything I tell her ;)
We felt great when we finished, well at least I did.... we waited for Brenda and Cindy to finish their strides and then we all ran back to the school together. I ended up with a total of 4.84, I know that is a weird number but I kept resetting for each mile so I didn't know my total mileage until I got home.
It was really warm last night 68 degrees and very humid.. probably 100%. The roads were wet from the moisture in the air.
Another great night with the Flyer's.

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Arland said...

You are getting too fast! I gotta start running again so I can keep up!