Sunday, December 23, 2007

Successful Saturday

I have to start out by saying that when I got up at 4:15 yesterday morning I was having some seriously negative self talk. Such as - why in the hell am I getting up at 4:00am on a Saturday morning to run 16 miles... I don't need 16 miles what is wrong with me etc.
Of course I am always glad when I get the run done, and yesterday was for Cheryl. It was her first 16 miler, and with injuries, illness and travel she has suffered some setbacks and this was an important run for her.
I knew I needed to get gas so I tried to leave early but I just couldn't seem to leave the bathroom, that was a problem that would plague me later on the run too.
I picked Michele up first and then we went to the gas station, I pulled my purse out and was like ut oh... I had just taken out my credit cards, bank card and most of my cash and left them at home. We were going to a bad part of Little Rock and I didn't know if I was going to drive or not. Anyway Michele bless her heart had some cash so we were in good shape. I wish I could describe the look on the old guys face when I went in to pay wearing my running skirt but it was priceless. I guess he doesn't see very many women with short skirts at 5:00 in the morning in Cabot!
We got to Cheryl's right on time and we ended up riding with her. We had hoped that Leann was going to run with us, but I guess it was just too early.
We met with the LR marathon training group just in time, the leader always starts off with a very hearty "good morning crackheads" I've probably mentioned that before, but I just love it for some reason. LOL

The run started off good, an easy pace not too slow not too fast, but within a couple of miles my stomach started hurting. Actually my stomach doesn't hurt I always say that but actually it's not even my stomach it's just plain and simple I needed to use the bathroom!! I knew it was going to be awhile for a bathroom and I was seriously keeping my eye's open for a dark corner to make a pit stop but everything just looked too scary! Because of my poop dilema we had to take some walk breaks and we ended up losing the LR group. During one of the walking parts a man driving a pick up truck slowed down and said "what are you girls doing out here" I think it was Cheryl who said running, so we started running. He seemed like a nice man but it was still kind of scary!
Finally I see the lights of an EZ mart ahead... oh sweet relief. Something about seeing those lights did something to my stomach and the urge became so intense I actually had to stop walking and stand in the middle of the road with my legs crossed for a few seconds before I could move again. I think that happened about 3 times before we made it to the gas station. Cheryl had gone on ahead and just as I approached she said NO PUBLIC RESTROOM! Now I am a shy person and am not very good at asking for things especially when there is a sign saying no. But I was desperate so I went in and said to the very big man, I know the sign say's no, but can I please use your restroom. He said NO I can't let you... it's the rule etc. I said really and I guess I must have looked pretty pathetic and I was kind of doubled over so he finally let me. He said he had something going on back there so he had to go back and do something first before I could go back. In my mind I could see one of those back room poker games going on, or maybe dog fights. I have a very crazy imagination. I don't know what he could have had going on, because it was just a small stock room.
Once I was able to take care of the poop dilema I felt like a brand new person... good thing too since we were about to be heading up Kavanaugh.

Kavanaugh is a very long hill, it must be a couple of miles (Arland just said 3) anyway we ran up the whole thing!! It was kind of scary too because it is a windy road and the traffic flys along pretty fast.
I was very proud of us during the whole run actually because Kavanaugh wasn't the only hill and we ran all of them. The only breaks we took were either potty or water breaks, until towards the end we didn't take walk breaks. Speaking of potty breaks, during one of the hills in Cammack Village my stomach did some kind of flip flop thing and the poop dilema hit me again. It wasn't as intense as the first time and I was able to keep running for the most part, but we had our eye's peeled for a good place to stop. We knew there was a Kroger's up ahead and I thought I could wait for that when all of a sudden there was Starbucks.. it was perfect Michele had been wanting a caffein boost so while Cheryl and I used the facilities Michele had a Starbucks double shot espresson drink. I really wish I could have had one too, but I was afraid of what it might do to my stomach.
The last few miles were pretty tough, the hills had done their damage and poor Cheryl's feet were killing her. We started having to take some walk breaks and everytime we did my hips and quads would just scream when it was time to run again.
We were just about done and there was one more pretty good size hill up ahead of us. I think we were on 3rd street, we were trudging along when all of a sudden I hear my name. Huh some I know is here? Anyway I look over and it was SUSAN... oh wow how cool!!! She was at work and had seen all the runners out so she was watching for us. We yelled at Michele who was ahead of us and then we all ran over to say hi. It was really good to see you Susan!!!
I was at 15 at that point a couple of times I had run ahead and then circled back for Cheryl so I was able to get a little bit more than her... plus when she had to stop to take motrin I kept walking.
Anyway when my Garmin hit 16 I was so ready to stop, but Cheryl still had .4 to go so I just stuck with her and when her Garmin finally hit 16 I stopped mine and ended up walking the rest of the way back to the meeting place. I think we ended up with 17 miles.
Although this run had it's challenges it was AWESOME!! I am so proud of Cheryl she did great!!! and it was so fun having Michele along with us!!

Once I got home I took a hot shower and got ready to tackle the mall and other stores to finish my Christmas shopping.
First though I met Livia at I-Hop for a big breakfast/lunch. When the waiter took our order I told him I just ran 16 miles and I'm hungry so get your pen ready!! LOL
It has been ages since Livia and I have been shopping together and if it weren't for her I would have never been able to do it yesterday. She helped me pick out presents and it was just really nice to spend time with her.

So I would say it was a very successful Saturday... Cheryl, Michele and I completed 16 miles and I finished my Christmas shopping... well except for Livia's present!! LOL


Cheryl said...

Thanks for getting up early for me! I couldn't have done without you and Michele! By the way, we didn't take THAT many walk breaks LOL!

Anonymous said...

GREAT Job - Looks like we are all on the road to NASHVILLE - of course 1st stop the half at Little Rock for most of us and the full for Cheryl.

Susan said...

Seems like a great run/day to me!