Monday, December 10, 2007

Foggy Sunday

Sunday morning I met Kim and several Cruisers at the elementary school for a 7 mile run. It was nice to sleep in a little bit. Kylie spent the night and we didn't get to bed until late so I need the few extra minutes.

It was VERY foggy yesterday morning, the one blinky light I had didn't seem like it did much good. The route chosen had some hilly sections and we were asked if we wanted the hills at the beginning or end. One of the roads we were running on is known to have deer and Tri Lisa was hoping so see some so we chose the hills last option. At the time I didnt' care but it turned out that I was very thankful for getting the hills over with during the first 4 miles.
Kim, Jane, Sara p. and I ran together almost the entire time. Joan and Toni were right there with us until we had to take a bathroom break at mile 4. Brenda, Cindy and Lisa were the lead group.

After the bathroom break I felt a tightening in my ankle, this happened to me back before Tulsa once and I knew i was in trouble. I kept going though thinking this time would be different. I finally had to stop running the pain was getting so bad. I can't really describe the pain but it is the outer ankle and the bend of my foot where it hurts. I am 99 % sure that it is the Sauconny shoes... I had already told myself and I probably wrote about it hear that I was not going to wear them anymore. Well this time I mean it!!! Damn shoes. Actually they are probably great shoes just not the right one's for my feet. I think I am going to just stick with my Asic's Gel Kenyano's.
So the last part of the run was terrible but everyone stuck with me and that was great.. I did try to get them to go on but they wouldn't. At one point when we were back on 321 Jane and Sara did go ahead, but as we got closer to the school they were walking back towards us. They said with the fog they didn't realize they lost us.
I did manage to do some jogging after the pain hit but it was mostly walking. I really appreciate Kim staying with me, especially when we were on 321 with the fog that was very scary!!! It was weird because we were all soaking wet as if we had been running in 90 degree temps. It was fairly warm when we first started about 48-50 degrees and I did work up a sweat but not that much!! LOL

On the way home as I turned off onto Nalley road all of a sudden I saw two people walking, scared the crap out of me. That is what it must have been like for the motorists we encountered on our run.

When I got home the pain in my ankle seemed to get worse and had travelled up my calf. I guess it is a cramp? I iced and took ibuprofren but nothing seemed to help. The fact that I was freezing probably didn't help either. Kylie was still asleep so I finally just got in the bed with her and snuggled up, as I warmed up a little I fell asleep and when I woke up my ankle felt much better. I guess it just needed to relax.

Before I finally took a nap with Kylie I tried to wake her up several times... each time she would stretch and say in her soft little voice... can I please just sleep a little itty big longer. LOL

When she did finally wake up I made her breakfast in bed. She wanted Fettucini Alfredo (lean cuisine) so I set up the Princess tray for her and served her breakfast in bed. A little later in the afternoon "Tio" aired up the tires on her bike for her and the three of us went for a bike ride. She didn't like it when he would get too far ahead and would shout at hime to come back.

It was a great afternoon with Kylie and after I took her home I headed to Chili's for our Jazzercise get together, a small group this year but it was great to see everyone who did make it.

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Stealthycat said...

Sorry to hear that about your ankle, Anette! Darn shoes are always causing problems, but I'm not gonna go barefooted. LOL