Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Catching UP

I was so sore from our 16 miler and the mega shopping on Saturday but I still got up early on Sunday morning to meet the group running in Greystone to welcome Phil back from Iraq. I was so excited to get to run with everyone but then about 1.5 miles into I was done. Maybe if we hadn't started on a hill and then kept going up and down I might have been able to hang longer, but I just felt empty like I didn't have anything left to give. Kerri W. turned around with me and we walked up the first couple of hills but then we started jogging, and I started feeling better so we ended up adding on and i was able to eek out 4.5 miles. I felt like such a failure I was very upset about it but I am better now... kind of! lol
Sweet Heather came by the house after she finished the run just to check on me... of course that made me cry! I'm lucky to have so many people who care about me!

After the failed attempt to run I spent the rest of the day around the house, wrapping presents etc. I really felt drained and didn't feel like doing much.

I decided to make Christmas Eve a rest day I had to go to the grocery store and what a mad house that place was! after that I wrapped presents and cleaned up until time to go to my SIL's house for Christmas Eve dinner. This was our first Christmas without "GaGa" and she was very missed, but everyone seemed to hold up pretty well.

Christmas morning we were meeting for a Christmas Day run...Brenda, Vicki, Jane, David S. and I were the only one's who ran. The morning started off so cold but by 10:00 it was in the low 40's and the sun was shining bright so it felt warm almost too warm, we were all complaining about being hot and when we made it to our 1/2 way point we were dripping sweat. Our desination was the Phillip's 66 gas station by the high school. Christy our favorite massage therapist works there part time and she and her husband volunteered to work on Christmas Day so that others could be off. Vicki had brought along some goodies for us all to give to them.
When we first got there they might have had one or two customers but when we were leaving they were packed. I guess because all the regular stores were closed?
On the way back to SSE we had a bit of wind and that helped keep us cool for the rest of the run. We could have gone back a couple of different ways, one option was to run alongside the high school. Well I said you mean with the huge hill. I don't think I will ever live that down, Brenda and Vicki had a good laugh at that!! of course I don't know what they were laughing at, because that is a pretty steep hill!! But in my defense after our run on Saturday I just didn't want to see any hills!! Not that we didn't have any, hwy 89 is full of inclines so it wasn't exactly flat no matter which way you went.
We had 4.78 miles when we got back to the elementary school so we had to run around the parking lot to get our full 5 miles. Joan would have been proud of us :()

I felt so much better after our run.. it gave me back some of the confidence I had lost on Sunday!


Cheryl said...

After Saturday's monster hills, I'm not liking them either, so you are not alone. Tonight will be horrible :( Hill repeats

Anonymous said...

Cheryl's got that right HILL REPEATS!!! I know I am weird because I don't like running hills on a run but for some reason hill repeats are my favorite workout - weird huh?

See you guys tonight. I am glad we picked Thursday instead of Wednesday since the weather was so crappy yesterday.


Susan said...

You just don't stop, do ya? :)

Go girl!