Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Windy Wednesday

This morning started off with a Body Sculpting class at 5:00am. I have to admit I'm not loving this getting up at 4:15am crap!!!!! I do love the spinning and the body sculpting though so I guess it's worth it.
Today was upper body which I think it will always be on Wednesday's and that is exactly what I want. It was tough!!! I have a feeling I am going to wake up very sore tomorrow morning.

This evening was a VERY WINDY 8 mile run!! Earlier in the day it had been about 60 degrees but sometime after lunch it started getting colder and by 6:00pm it was really cold. Eight miles were the plan but the first mile or two I kept thinking to myself I really don't think I can do it, luckily I warmed up and was indeed able to finish 8. Although at .75 to go my stomach twisted up on me but I just said NO and slowed down for a minute or so and it behaved and didn't give me anymore problems.
Robert ran the first 4.25 with us, he was great company and it's always nice to have a guy around!! Robert and Arland are a lot alike and I think Robert is starting to get used to running with a bunch of women... he is learning we will talk about just about anything when we are running!!! LOL
Kelly wimped out on us tonight.... but she made the right decision, she was feeling really tired and it's better sometimes to rest than to push when you are not feeling right and risk getting hurt.

10:27 avg pace
1 - 10:41
2 - 10:19
3 - 10:27
4 - 10:10
5 - 11:17... we had looped back to Michele's house I took off my jacket and we said goodbye to Robert.
6 - 10:21
7 - 10:22
8 - 9:59

Other than the little bit of time when I took off my jacket and we said goodbye to Robert we did not take any walk breaks. We had to stop for just a second at the end of one of the roads as some cars were turning into us.
This is a challenging route plenty of "rolling hills" or inclines and tonight it seemed like we had a fierce headwind at every hill.
Spinning tomorrow morning and then I get to rest until Saturday mornings 14 miler with Cheryl and Kim at the River Trail.


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I have been sworn to secrecy about some of the conversations I have heard while running with the women in this group! Whats heard on the run stays on the run!! Great times especially with the cold wind.