Saturday, January 5, 2008


This morning as usual there was a Cruiser group run. Once a quarter the Cruisers also have "trash pick-up" they sponsor a portion of Hwy 89 and we pick up trash along a mile stretch. Since joining the Cruisers I have twice helped with the trash pick-up. I was sad that the timing didn't work out for me to help today because it is always fun and a chance to get to visit with fellow Cruisers.
Well Kelly and I got a little bonus this morning, not only did we get to go to Starbuck's with Michele, Kim and the Davis brothers but we also got to have breakfast with the Cruisers. Just as we were pulling into Team 1 Robert called to tell Kelly they were all headed to "Jane's Kitchen" to have breakfast. Michele had to go home but Kelly and I decided to go join them. Of course I was a little worried they might not let us since we didn't pick up trash. LOL

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