Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Sunday 7

10:35 avg pace

Kelly, Cheryl and I had decided to do our run in the afternoon. As I mentioned in my previous post I was exhausted Saturday night and felt like I needed the extra sleep.
Chery's leg was still hurting so she decided to take care of it and I believe she needed rest more than a run.

Kelly came to my house and we ran down 1st street to the High School, Eastside elementary, main street back to 1st street. We also ran around Hunter's Run and on down to the Softball fields to get our 7 miles. We actually hit 7 well before we got back to my neighborhood so we were able to get in a nice cool down walk.

We had great weather for our run, not quite as warm as we expected but we both ended up in our short sleeves about a mile into the run.
As usual the first couple miles are always the hardest and it seemed to take forever for me to get a handle on my breathing. Once we warmed up though it was fine and it was nice to just run at a comfortable pace.
Kelly and I both had a couple of funny Garmin issues. We were about 4.5 miles into the run and I was making suggestions on side roads etc. to help us get our 7 miles before we got back to my neighborhood. Kelly was really quiet and seemed kind of annoyed... I just thought maybe she was having a rough patch in the run. A few minutes later she said this run is taking forever. Turns out that she had turned off her Garmin when I made a pit stop at the High School track and forgot to turn it back on. She was showing 2.3 miles when we were actually over 4.
A little later I look down at my Garmin and it shows we are running a 6:07 pace, NO WAY... I look again 6:13, crazy Garmin what is going on I look again and it's still in the 6:00 range. Finally I look and realize that I am looked at the total time for our run which at the time was 1:06:xx I didnt' have my contact in so I didnt' see the 1. and I had it on a different screen than I have been using during runs. I knew all along we weren't running that fast so I was relieved to realize that it was human error and not something crazy going on with my Garmin.

After the run it was of course a trip to Starbucks! I am really like the new "Skinny Mocha".

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