Thursday, January 24, 2008

I'm moving to Alabama

Yesterday afternoon I went to Wal-Mart to visit with Kylie, Livia and Tracy. As soon as I found them Kylie dragged me off to the "kids books" after looking at the books for a little while I was able to tear her away from them by suggesting we go look at the "kids clothes" Wal-Mart has a whole bunch of Hannah Montanna stuff and Kylie LOVES Hannah Montanna!!! She also LOVES purses! so of course what could be better than purses with Hannah Montanna on them???

In this picture Kylie has on a Hannah Montanna hat, 5 purses and a whole lot of Hannah attitude!

She was pretending to be Hannah, signing autographs and stuff......

All of a sudden she said to me I'm moving to Alabama! When I asked why are you moving to Alabama she informed me ... "To be with the Jonas Brothers" OH MY GOD 4.5 years old and she is already ready to move to another state for BOYS!!!!! Poor Jeff and Livia!!!


ransombt said...

How adorable - you are right "watch our Livia and Jeff".

Susan said...

I was really scared there for a minute! :)

Kelly said...

She is an absolute doll! Like you say..4 going on 16!