Monday, January 14, 2008

Six and Six

Sunday morning's 6-miler was a recovery run with Cheryl in Cabot. Brenda, Lisa and Cindy were also running but even on my best day there is no way I could keep up with them for any length of time. I had been thinking about a route for Cheryl and I and ended up deciding to just run up 89 to the Highschool and back. There were a couple of ways we could add on if we needed to but we were able to get our 6 with only one little extra add on.
It was COLD Sunday morning and just a tad bit breezy, but nothing too windy. We really lucked out this weekend with the wind.
Cheryl's upper thigh/groin/hipflexor area is really hurting her so we started off with a walk. I think if it had been warmer we could have walked longer but it was just too cold so we started jogging. The first mile was tough we had to take a couple of walk breaks but then after that we kind of got into a groove and just kept an easy steady pace. One of the reasons I chose this route was because of the Phillip's 66 gas station, I wasn't sure how my stomach was going to feel once we started running so I wanted a bathroom option not too far away. Turns out I didn't really need it, although I did go in just in case.
Cheryl also went in, I decided to wait for her outside and as I was standing there a lady who was pumping gas said to me "My hat's off to you" I kind of just smiled and said thanks and then she said it again. I assumed she meant it because it was so cold and we were out running so I told her that once you got started it really wasn't too bad. We chatted for a bit and she was really very nice. So often when we are running we get the drivers who want us off the road so it was nice to get such a friendly greeting from someone.
We probably shouldn't have taken that break because we got really stiff and it took a while to warm up again.
Towards the end of the run we had to take a few more breaks, Cheryl was really in quite a bit of pain but she was a trooper and we made it for the entire 6 miles.
Brenda and the other girls finished about the same time we did and when we ran up to them the first thing Brenda said was " You are going somewhere for coffee... right?" LOL Of course we were!!!
We went to Starbuck's in Jacksonville and chatted and read the interview with Dennis our running coach in the Arkansas Democrat Three Rivers Edition.
11:12 avg pace
144 avg heart rate

Monday's 6-miler was at Krooked Kreek. We were going to be pushing it because we had a Cruiser meeting at 7:00. Brenda and I had discussed trying to start at 5:45 and when I talked to Michele she was fine with that as well. Heather and Sarah S. were also running with us tonight, Heather came to my house and followed me over to Michele's. Just as I was pulling out of the drive-way Brenda called to tell me she wasn't going to make the run or the meeting. It was 5:40 and she was just leaving work and had a killer sinus headache. We chatted for a bit and I told her I thought she could make it in time to at least get part of run in with us. She said she would see how traffic was etc and that she knew the route we were running and she would find us if she decided to run.
We started off the run with Michele, Sarah, Heather and myself. We stayed in Michele's neighborhood and just ran around the cul-d-sac until Robert and Kelly arrived.
After we had everyone well except for Brenda we headed off to the Willows. At first we were running a pretty steady but not too strenous pace. But bit by bit we started picking it up.
Robert's shins were bothering him and he had to stretch every now and then, but after a few miles he seemed ok, I guess he just needed to warm up and run faster.
We were just running along when I saw someone running with a reflective belt... funny but I didn't automatically know it was Brenda, my first thought was oh wow there is another runner out here. We almost never see other runners!! LOL
But yes Brenda did decided to run after all and it was great to see her.
It was a great run... Michele must have had her wheaties because she pushed the pace the whole run!!
As soon as we finished we had to rush off to the meeting.
9:59 avg pace
2- 10:09
4 -9:39
5 - 9:33
6 - 9:51

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Kelly said...

I agree that Michele must have had Wheaties for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You girls were speedsters tonight. Great run and great company!