Friday, January 25, 2008

Thank goodness for construction site port-a-potties.

Wednesday nights 8 miler was saved by a construction site port a potty. It could have been a 1.25 mile run if not for that safe haven.
I knew when I left my house that I just didn't feel right. I had a coffee from Daily Grind around 1:30 but didn't think much of it until later.
We started the run, Brenda, Kelly, Robert and myself. From the very beginning I was slow, we had only gone a few hundred yards when I felt the rummbling. I thought if I just keep it slow and steady maybe that will help. Robert hung back with me a lot, and that was very nice! finally I guess about a mile in I said can we please go straight to our road with the port a potty. We usually run a lot of cul d sac's before we get to that road and are usually at about 2.5 by the time we get there. I would not have made it Wednesday night. I had to stop a couple of times and walk, I also had to stop a couple of times and stand with my legs crossed and pray that nothing would come out!!! It is such an awful helpless feeling.
But as the title says.. thank goodness for that port a pottie. It is in a very convient location and the others were able to keep running while I took care of business.
I would not have cared if that port a pottie had been nasty and vile, that is how bad it was, but lucky for me, it was actually very nice. Well at least it was before I used it!! LOL

After getting that out of the way I ended up with a great run! It was chilly but not windy and that helped a lot.
Before we started running Michele came out and told us she wanted to try to run the last 2 or 3 with us. We kept running in circles, loops, cul d sacs until we got in 5 miles before we headed back to her house.
Michele joined us and then as soon as he hit 6 Robert left us. So it was just the girls for a little while. It was a great run and I felt on top of the world afterwards. I guess because I knew it could have had a much different outcome.
8 miles
10:11 avg pace


ransombt said...

Love the title!!! It was so true for you but after that stop at 1.25 miles you were on fire and led the pack the rest of the 8-miler!!!

ShirleyPerly said...

Lucky you to have come across one and that it wasn't nasty. Ever since I had some major GI issues at one race that had them only at 5 mile increments, I've become an expert at spotting porta-potties wherever I go. I may miss a mile marker but will definitely notice a porta-potty :-)

Susan said...