Thursday, January 31, 2008

Strip Club

Club Members:

6 miles for the girls and 4.5 for Arland.
We started off nice and easy, well I did... Arland and Kelly took the lead. It was VERY windy heading out, the kind of wind that you almost don't feel like you are moving. Brenda, Michele, Heather and I were teasing that we should be running behind Arland and Kelly to help break the wind. Those two were in the lead and since they are taller it made sense.
Although it was windy it was pretty warm around 54 degrees I was wearing a skirt and didn't wear a hydration belt so when it came time to take my gloves off I had no where to put them. Luckily Arland did have pockets so he was nice enough to take them for me.
Because it was so warm at different points during the run one or the other of us would be stripping off a layer. We joked about we were the :stripping runners" and maybe others might want to join us if they knew about all the stripping that goes on during our runs. It doesn't sound nearly as funny on paper as it did while we were running!!! BUT we were having a lot of fun with it at the time.
I didn't have any stomach issues at all... when we ran by my port-a-pottie I just smiled and said (to myself) thanks old friend but I won't be needing you tonight.
Arland left us at 4+ and so it was an all girl run for the last 1.75. Don't worry Arland we didnt' do any stripping without you.
It was a wonderful run and I'm thankful to have my "gang" to run with :)
10:05 avg pace
It always feels great when the last miles are faster than the first!


Arland said...

Ok, I am forwarding this on to all the guys as a recruitment tool! Come on guys...see what your missing by not running:)

Kelly said...

I was laughing so hard reading this and remembering the conversation. We do have ALOT of fun on these runs!!

Arland said...

You noticed I didn't say anything about this on my blog. Whats said on the run stays on the least until someone else says it.