Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Did someone say more hills?

Tuesday night with the Flyers... how I love thee. Oh wait did someone say hill repeats?? Actually a little birdie had told me last week we would be doing hill repeats this week. Even as I was being tortured by the Little Rock hills on Saturday morning I knew what was waiting for me on Tuesday.
I had been dreading them for days!! Maybe if the hill that Coach Dennis picked out for our hill workout wasn't so darn steep and long maybe .... maybe we wouldn't all be learning how to kick some hill butt!! Seriously I don't think I will ever love hills, but I am not afraid of them anymore. Dennis doesn't just pick out the meanest hill in town for us but he teaches us how to run up it. He watches all of us and if he see's you struggling... not using proper form he will pull you aside and go over the proper technique and he does it in such a way that you never feel chastised or bad. I adore our Coach, we are so lucky to have him!
So Tuesday night started off with a warm up run, 2 miles for advanced 1.5 for intermediate. Bailey and I took our usual pit stop at mile 1, we don't usually get 2 miles because of our potty breaks but we usually end up with at least 1.5. We got to the meeting spot about the same time as the "fast girls". Tracy, Tamara and Brett had already started their hill repeats. I got one in and then Brett asked me to run with him. Woo hoo I was excited, I haven't really gotten a chance to run with Brett much yet. So we start up the hill and whooosh he was gone!!!! Oh well it was a nice thought! LOL
I told myself I wanted 12, after the first repeat I said ok at least 10. But I am happy to say I ended up with 13 :) I was really happy!!! The last time we did hill repeats Dennis had to pull me after 6 so 13 was a huge victory to me!
With the warm up and 13 hill repeats I had 4 miles, I really wanted at least 5 and so did Bailey and Kelly. We were going to add on when we noticed that Brenda, Cindy and Rock were headed in the same direction. They said "Bridge to Bridge" ok sounded good. It actually have us 1.5 miles so that was great. I really thought we would take it slow and easy but we actually ran it pretty fast. I guess we all just wanted to get out of the cold!!
Everyone did a great job on the hills!!!! We are all getting stronger!
Of course on the way home I had to call Cheryl and let her know I had survived the hills!! LOL She is pretty miserable up their in NY but it doesnt' look like she will have to go again next week so that is good news!

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