Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Fox and Hound

Last night during our running Clinic we played a little game Coach Dennis likes to call "Fox and Hound" Dennis lined us up based on our LT pace with the slowest runners starting out first and and the fastest last. The slow runners were the fox's and the faster runners the hounds.
I was the second person to go - 1 min. 39secs. after the first set of runners, Bailey was about 40 seconds behind me Robert behind her and so on.

The goal is that we should all finish or in this case approach the 1/2 mile mark around the same time. We tried this earlier in the summer and everyone went too fast and it didn't work.
I'm not sure if last night worked either, but it was fun. Reed the 13 year old super runner was the only one who caught me within the 1/2 mile. I was able to overtake the beginning group right around where i was supposed to, although I did not pass Brett... he was not going to let his old mom beat him!! LOL
Rock passed me shortly after the 1/2 mile mark, she said how far are we going and when I told her 1 mile she said crap I went out too fast. ME TOO!!! Cindy, Brenda, Dennis & Josh all passed me eventually, but I didn't mind I was thrilled I held them off as long as I did. First mile was 9:00 flat, I was supposed to do it in 9:39 so I don't think I did it right... but then hardly anyone else did either. When I finished my mile I looked back and saw Robert and just behind him Bailey. I gabbed with Robert for a second and then went back to talk to Bailey and we both admitted we were CHEATERS!!! LOL

For our second LT pace mile Bailey and I decided to run together... although she is faster than me that first mile took a lot out of both of us.
It was fun running with her, we talked a little bit not too much... talking was hard!! We finished our 2nd LT mile in 9:23 still a little faster than my LT pace but it felt good.

We all ran together in the warm up run... it's rare that happens, but when we got over the bridge to the North Side of Magness Creek Bailey and I had to take a little detour.
The rest of the group got in a 2 mile warm up run, Our's was about 1.7 good enough. After our workout we ended up with another mile and then the run back to the school was .67. Total mileage was around 5.5 for me.
I think I missed something somehwere by starting and stopping my Garmin so much. I know I forgot to turn it back on for at least .5 mile. BUT I am going to go by my Garmin and say I did 5.5 last night.

After a few days of running in warmer temps the return of the cold last night didn't feel very good!!! And once again the wind was brutal.

Cheryl and Kelly you were missed!


ShirleyPerly said...

What a fun track workout! And I see you've been quite busy already since the new year. Great photos!!

Kelly said...

Good job on you workout last night. I did the workout this morning and really liked running at that time and enjoyed getting to run with the Wednesday group. The "fox and hound" chase was fun to do also.