Friday, January 18, 2008

8 turned into 6

As I was driving to Michele's for our Wednesday night run it was lightly raining, Kelly had already called and planted the idea of just bagging the run and going to Starbuck's instead. It was tempting but we both knew we would regret it later if we didn't get our run in. We did agree that if when we got there or if in the beginning of the run it started pouring down we would quit running and go for coffee instead.
I actually got there first with Robert and Brenda right behind me. I stayed in my car for a minute or two and then Michele came out. Kelly was on her way so we decided we would just run around the cul de sac until she arrived. Robert stayed in his warm car and waited for her.
It was sprinkling pretty good when we started, I put on a hat to keep the rain out of my eyes, but it dwindled down to pretty much just drizling on us for the rest of the run. I'm glad I had the hat when I got in my car after the run my clothes were dry but the bottom of my hair was soaking wet!

I have to admit it was a hard run for me. I ran really hard on Tuesday probably too hard and it showed on Wednesday night. I never could find that rythmn that makes running enjoyable, I pretty much struggled the whole time.
Michele took us on a new route and that was nice... well the route was just as tough as our normal one but we didn't know it ahead of time and we didn't know what sections to dread etc.
Even though it was a tough run I planned on running the whole 8 miles I never seriously thought about quitting early. until. my stomach decided at about 5.75 that it needed some attention. It hit pretty hard and I almost didn't know if I would make it to Michele's house. Luckily we werent' far once we got to her house my stomach settled down for a second and I considered continuting the run but I didn't want to get a mile out and have a problem. So instead of being mad at myself for not being able to get in 8 miles I am happy that I was able to persevere during a hard run and get 6 miles.

I really had no transition from running to driving... I don't recommend it, especially on a wet night. Almost the whole drive home I was disoriented and felt lost. Once I got home and warmed up I was ok but that was really freaky!!!

6 miles
10:23avg pace
Normally I would be dissapointed that a 10:23 avg pace run was so hard, but the first mile we were running the cul de sac just to get in mileage and I didn't stop my garmin when we stopped to pick up Kelly and Robert so it was pretty slow, the next mile was also kind of slow but the last 4 were all around the 10:00 - 10:05 range.

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