Monday, January 28, 2008

"Stunning" Saturday

Saturday morning started off with a 16 mile run with Cheryl and Michele. It was cold, my stomach caused me much distress and almost stopped my run at less than 2 miles. The construction site port a pottie that I mentioned in the last post once again saved my run. If I could have gotten to it about 5 minutes sooner it would have been better but oh well it all turned out ok in the end.
Cheryl really wanted to get in 20 miles and I had hoped that we would get 5 miles in before we met with the rest of the group. We didn't meet our goal, we ended up with a little over 3.
Michele wasn't feeling great either so she got in 4 miles by running the parknig lot and then she went home.
It was a pretty big group Saturday morning comprised of mostly faster runners. I knew that we wouldn't be running with them, but I don't think I realized how soon we would be left in their dust!! LOL
We ran the first 5 or 6 miles staying pretty close to Joan and Debbie they even made a pit stop at Sonic with us. They stayed a bit ahead of us most of the time, which worked out great for me and Cheryl because they found all the icy patches for us! LOL
We lost them when we decided to make a pit stop at my house. It was nice to be able to make that stop but it really put us behind.
Cheryl has been having a lot of problems/pain in her upper thigh groin area but she has still been running strong. We were not fast but we kept up a steady pace. Even towards the end when everything was starting to hurt we managed to keep going by using the old man shuffle. I tried my best to take as many side roads/loops that we could so I could get Cheryl as many miles possible. I knew we were going to fall way short of 20 but Cheryl was hurting so much that towards the end she didn't care anymore she just wanted to stop running!! As did I!!
My Garmin battery died at 9.02 miles so I don't have any overall stats for our run and honestly I don't care, I'm just glad we got it done.

After we finished the run we went to a new restaurant in town "The Diner" the big group was already there and we just squeezed in with them. It was great to hang out with everyone and have breakfast, even though it took forever to get our food!! They have only been open for a week so they were PACKED!!!

After breakfast I had just enough time to go home shower and dress to go to Greenbriar to a Competitive Cheerleading competition with Kelly and Kelsey. My neice Rachel is a competive cheerleader and her sister Katie called me the night before and asked me to go. I would have gone either way but it worked out great since Kelsey was also competing. The girls K&K came to pick me up about 12:30 and we started our road trip.

Rachel has been a competive cheerleader for a couple of years but this was the first time I got to see her perform. We had to wait a long time for her team but it was worth the wait. I had tears in my eyes the whole time her group was performing. She was awesome!!!!! So beautiful and so good!!! I guess her team didnt' do as well as they would have liked, but I couldn't tell you because I couldnt' take my eyes off of Rachel!

Kelsey's performance was also awesome!! I am just in awe of these girls. Of course other than Rachel and Kelsey the little girls were my favorite. There is a lot of glitter, sparkle and dramatic makeup involved. It was like walking into a whole new world that I never knew existed!

I wanted to get a picture of Kelsey too, but forgot :(

After running 16 miles and sitting on hard plastic seats for 4.5 I was wiped out by the time we got home. I walked in the house peeled off my clothes, washed my face brushed my teeth and promptly got in bed. I was probably asleep withins seconds of my head hitting the pillow. I slept from 8:40pm until 8:25 am. I felt like a new person when I woke up!!

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