Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Tuesday Night Flyers

2 mile warm up
4 x strides
22 min at LT pace
4x strides
1.5 cool down

It was a great run, during the warm up I ran and chatted with Bailey. I thought that Kelly had gotten ahead of us but about 1/2 through I realized she was behind us. As has become standard practice Bailey and I headed to Casa de Kylie for a pit stop. It really wasn't as necessary last night as usual but it gave me peace of mind and probably helped me in the long run.

After everyone finished their warm up's and strides we all gathered so we could start the workout together. Advanced were running LT pace for 22 min and Intermediate 16 min. Arland was doing something between Beginner's and Intermediate.
Andrea who is just 4 weeks post surgery is back to running with her doctor's blessing. She asked what my LT pace was and when I told her 9:40 she said she was going to try to run with me. I had been planning on running with Kelly and I thought we could all three run together, but Andrea and I went out too fast. Sorry Kelly I really didn't mean to leave you behind!!!!
Andrea is a really good pacer, although we completed the workout faster than I was supposed to. She was really good at telling me to slow down which really helped me to be able to maintain the pace for the whole 22 minutes.
My goal LT pace was 9:39 my actual LT pace was 9:15. Coach Dennis doesn't like it when we go too fast, each workout has a specific goal and if we go to fast we don't get the full benefit. Having said that I have to say that I felt good last night, it was HARD but I wasn't completely spent when it was done so I hope I did get what I was supposed to out of that workout.

This morning was Body Sculpting with Andrea at 5:00am...she turned her garage/fitness facility into a torture chamber this morning and had the whip out. It really isn't good that Biggest Loser comes on the night before our Wednesday session...or maybe it is! LOL
It was a great workout very hard and I will definately be hating her for the next few days. I declined her offer to work out my legs afterwards. Maybe I should have but I have 18 on Saturday and didn't want to risk it.

If it doesn't rain it is 8 tonight with the girls... if it does rain maybe I will be able to make myself do 5 or 6 on the treadmill. PLEASE DON"T RAIN!!


Arland said...

Your getting way too fast missy. Now I'll have to train even harder to try to keep up.

Susan said...

Great run! And give my best to Andrea.