Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Feeling Goofy

Our friend and running buddy Jackie just ran the Goof yChallenge at Disney World this weekend. She was at our Cruiser meeting last night and brought along her medals and told us what a great time she had.
So now I am seriously thinking about doing it next year. The problem is you have to sign up pretty early because it sells out fast. Who knew there would be so many people who would want to punish themselves by running a 1/2 marathon and a full marathon in one weekend.
On Saturday when we were doing our long run we were thinking of and talking about Jackie running both and the popular concensus was that she was kind of crazy!! LOL Of course Michele says to me that sounds like something you would do. I of course said NO WAY!!! And now here I am a few days later seriously contemplating it. Kelly also had that gleam in her eye last night while we were talking about it with Jackie and I think she is right there with me.
The problem or problems are that you have to sign up almost a year in advance, and who knows what could happen in a year. It is also pretty expensive, but Jackie said you get a lot for your money.
I really really want those medals!! and just the whole experience. Jackie say's she is doing it again next year and I think Kelly is on board. It would be great if we could get a big group to go. Rock also seemed very interested.
Even if not everyone wanted to do the Goofy you can sign up for either just the 1/2 or full marathon.
Something to think about.


ShirleyPerly said...

The Goofy Challenge is a great way to step up the marathon challenge without having to do an ultra. I did it in 2006, the first year it was held, and had a blast. It's crazy but not as crazy as running 50 miles, IMO!

Kelly said...

I think we should do it. We would have so much fun and the medals are great!