Friday, January 4, 2008

Track Workout

Last night we had our Flyer's workout at the High School Track. I normally don't like the track but it definately has advantages!! A nice even surface being one of them especially important when you are doing speed work.

I arrived a little early last night I needed 5 miles to get in 40 miles for the week. Arland thinks I'm weird because I have been counting my running weeks as Saturday Thru Thursday. I do that because Friday is my rest day so it kind of makes sense, to me at least that Saturday is my first run of the week and Thursday is my last.

Bailey, Cindy and Robert were also there, so we all started off on our warm up jog. I ran/chatted with Bailey for most of it. She is a speedy thing but she was running at her relaxed pace so it was a nice run. One of the other advantages of the high school track is the normally clean port-a-potties. I had to take advantage of them twice last night. Not for stomach issues though, thank goodness!!! They weren't as clean as normal, I guess maybe they haven't been emptying it because school has been out for the Holiday's???

I had about 1.25 by the time everyone else had arrived and Dennis gave us our work-out. He told us to warm up for 2 miles, Jane, Kelly, Cheryl, Jen and the others hadn't warmed up yet so I ran with them. The intermediate only had to warm up for 1 mile so I think that is what Kelly and Jane ended up with or maybe a little more.
We were going to do the Advanced workout but ended up doing something kind of inbetween advanced and intermediate. We were closer to the intermediate
We did 2 800's, 1- 1200 and 1-1000
Kelly, Jane and I started off on the first 800 together. Considering that I was feeling sluggish on the warm-up I was a little worried about the workout, but next thing you know we are flying around that track. Our first 800 was 4:23 way too fast!! My LT pace is supposed to be 9:45 and we were running at an 8:50 pace!! LOL
The second 800 was 3 seconds slower so still too fast but it felt better than the first one did.
Poor Kelly I think she might have a stomach bug or something because she started feeling sick during the first 800 but she kept going and finished 2 800's and 1 1200 before she finally stopped. She probably should have stopped after the first one!
Cheryl and Jen were running together but then all of a sudden I see Jen on the side of the track stretching with Dennis. Not a good sign! I asked her later and apparently she might be having IT issues :( I really hope not, she has been training/planning on running the LR 1/2 marathon.

On our 1200 I think our pace was around 9:00 I can't remember and I dont' have my garmin. We purposely slowed down, we were feeling those 800's and knew we needed to be smarter on the 1200. By the time we got to our 1,000 we were pooped. I don't know what our pace was for that one, but probably around a 9:30 pace or maybe even faster, we really wanted to be done!!

I have always loved running with Jane and last night was no exception. We helped push each other although I think it was easier for her than me!! She is a very strong runner!

I think I forgot to mention it was FREEZING again last night, another advantage of running at the track is you could bundle up for the beginning and then shed layers as you need to. I had on two layers on the bottom and 3 on top, pretty much I lost my jacket during the warm- up and I also took off my running pants and just ran in my tights. During one of the last laps of our last LTpace workout I threw my gloves down, I was starting to feel nauseous and something had to come off but I didnt' want to take the time to take off one of my shirts. It didn't take long before I regretted losing the gloves, my hands were freezing, but it did help alleviate the nauseous feeling.
After We finished our workout Jane had to leave and I stayed and ran with Cheryl for a little bit, she was working on her last 1,000. She looked really good last night very strong and steady, although the cold was really bothering her.
Brenda and I stretched for a bit while Rock and Cheryl finished their runs. I haven't been stretching enough so I am really glad I did, I am not at all sore this morning. Maybe it will kick in later???
As soon as I got home I took a hot shower... almost my whole body was bright red from the cold and my stomach was numb!!!
Luckily we are going to have a little relief from the cold this weekend. It is supposed to be in the 60's on Saturday and 70 on Sunday. WOO HOO!!! LOL

Lessons I have learned from the last two runs. I just have to have confidence in myself and keep pushing even when I think I want to give up!!!

When I was talking to Cheryl yesterday I told her about how I hadn't had any stomach issues my last few runs. I'm not quite sure what to attribute that to... eating better?... my body adjusting to the cold?... I think it might actually be the nature valley granola bar I have been eating about an hour before I run. Maybe it's just coincidence but I bought them, a few days ago and I had one on New Year's morning before we ran and I had not problems, and just the day before I did experience stomach problems on the run. I also ate one about an hour before I ran on Wednesday.. not problems... and again last night and no problems. So is it just luck or is it the granola bar????? I guess time will tell.

I did get over 5 miles last night so I accomplished my goal of 40 miles for the week :) Today is a rest day and tomorrow is another run with Cheryl and the LR Marathon Training group.

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Cheryl said...

You didn't have your Garmin last night? When you do if you will set it on the big window with your average pace showing and the display lit, you can glance at it instead of going a minute faster than your supposed to on your 800s. We do Lactate Threshold Pace for a reason!!