Sunday, January 6, 2008

Arland To The Rescue

This morning I went to the elementary school to meet with the group. Several others had met earlier in a different location they were doing 16.

I knew that several of the SSE group were planning on running the 10.5 mile route but I was hoping that maybe there would be others who just wanted 6 or 7. Lucky for me Kelly pulled up beside me soon after I arrived.
Joan, Vicki, Jane & Jamie O were all planning on running 10.5. Kelly and I had already done our long run and I didn't really want to do 10 again today. We decided though to just run with them as long as we wanted to and then we would call Arland to come get us.
It was warm this morning 63 when we started, also VERY windy. The route we were running had us running 3 miles along hwy 321 which is a very busy road. It does have nice wide shoulders so it makes it a little safer to run on but I am always glad when we are done with that portion of the run.

We had been running for a little over 2 miles when Vicki and I both mentioned that we needed a "tinkle" stop. McDonalds was about a mile ahead so we decided on that as our pit stop. We had been running together but then Joan and Jamie O starting lagging behind... not because they were running slower but because they were finding money! LOL When we all got to McDonald's we found out they were having a contest and between them had found over a $1.00 so far. After McDonald's Kelly and I slowed down a bit and we ran with Joan and Jamie for the rest of our run.
Soon after mile 5 I was starting to feel fatigued. I didn't have my 1/2 of a granola bar this morning... I didn't have anything and I was starting to feel it. We had been planning 6 from the beginning so since we were both starting to feel fatigued when we hit 6 we stopped and started walking. I called Arland and asked him to come pick us up. I think he was a little confused at first, but I assured him we were ok, we weren't hurt we were just DONE!
We had really worked up a sweat during our run but it didn't take long for the wind to really cool us off when we were walking as a matter of fact we were starting to get really cold!!
Arland found us huddled against the backside of Fred's trying to stay warm and stretch a little bit.

We were very relieved to see the big red "rescue" truck pull up. Kelly needed to get home so she could ready for church but she had time for a quick trip to Mountain Mudd.

We were lucky girls this morning. We got to run with our friends, and then we had a handsome Fireman rescue us and buy us coffee.


Kelly said...

Thanks for a great run this morning. We had warm weather, good conversation, easy access pit stop, quick pickup from a handsome fireman, and HOT, delicious coffee! Tell Aland thank you again for everything.

Susan said...

Lucky girls indeed!