Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Sunday six

While I was running the hills from hell on Saturday I kept telling myself, I am not going to run on Sunday. I deserve a day of rest after all of these hills.
Of course that didnt' happen... I try really hard not to miss any runs.
Some really smart ladies - Brenda, Cindy and Lisa decided that since it was going to be about 19 degree on Sunday morning that it would be a great idea to change the time to 1:30 in the afternoon instead of 7:00 in the morning. GREAT decision! Luckily they shared their idea and it was embraced by all.. well I don't know about all, but I know there were quite a few of us who met Sunday afternoon, more than have been showing up for the 7:00am run.
It was still cold about 33 degrees and windy, BUT thankfully not as bad as Saturday had been!

The first 3 miles of this run were torture, my calves, shins and the tops of my feet were killing me from the hills on Saturday. I decided I wasn't going to torture myself and slowed down. I also seriously considered quitting after our 3 mile loop. Luckily I started to warm up and was running with a great group of ladies so I didnt' want to stop. It was my bud Kelly, Bailey, Jackie and Jamie O.
Jackie just ran the Goofy Challenge in Disney World last weekend and I think this was her first run since then. I alway love hearing her stories. She has been using the Jeff Galloway system of run/walk and was telling us how successful that has been for her.
Coach O (Jamie) who is running the Little Rock Marathon was very interested so they decided to test it out. I'm not quite ready for that program. Too many walk breaks are hard for me, both mentally and physically. Jackie and Jamie are both fast runners and we kept kind of leap frogging each other during part of the run, but then once again I thought I was going to have stomach problems. Luckily it was just a minor blip but something about the thought of having to use the bathroom always makes me run faster. The next thing you know Kelly and I have left everyone in our dust!! Not bad for the slow girls!! LOL
Poor Bailey she has some kind of cold but she did great... she is another fast one who hasn't reached her full potential yet.
I'm happy we have been getting to run with her quite a bit lately, someday soon she will be too fast for us. She's a sweet girl and I'm looking forward to meeting her husband and spending some time with them on Thursday when we all go to see the "Spirit of the Marathon" movie on Thursday night.
Overall it was a good run... hard but I'm glad I did it.
Almost forgot, one really nice thing happened. While we were running on HWY89 we were getting a lot of pissed off glances from people, but then all of a sudden I hear just the blip of a siren and look up and a guy in a blue truck is giving us the thumbs up! It was such a great feeling!!
10:21 avg pace
.2-1:57 (9:56 pace)

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