Thursday, January 10, 2008

Eight is Great

Well it was great once it was done!!

Where: Krooked Kreek
When: 6:00 p.m.
Who: Brenda, Michele, Rock, Annette

We had much better weather last night, still coldish in the upper 40's when we lower 40's when we finished. The best thing though was no wind... just a little breezy.

I wore my zebra skirt last night because I couldn't find any of my compression shorts and the shorts in that skirt are compression. I also had on a short sleeve "skirtsports" shirt.. pink of course to match the pink in my skirt. Over that I wore a thin Brook's long sleeve tech shirt. When we first started I thought maybe I made a mistake by not wearing tights but in the end I was very happy with the skirt.

We decided from the begining to take this run a little slower and believe me I was very thankful. Yesterday morning the bitchy visitor who comes to visit once a month arrived on my door step yesterday morning with baggage in tow..cramping, bloating etc, so I was feeling a little sluggish. All the girls are very fast and I feel bad when I slow them down but I think everyone was ok with the pace last night. I know that Rock, Brenda and I were still recovering from our workout the night before.

Although I always say the location for this run is Krooked Kreek that is not entirely accurate there are two different neighborhoods that we run through, we usually go across into the neighbrhood across from KK to get in our first 4 - 4.25 and then back into KK for the last half. This works out great we just leave our water on Michele's mailbox and take a quick break. Last night Michele and I both needed to use the restroom facilities so it was a little bit longer break.

On the second half of our run we picked up a new running buddy, he never told us his name but he would trot beside us for a while and then run ahead and then back to us. He made me very nervous though because he would come barreling towards us and I was always afraid he was going to try to trip me. He was kind of annoying not just because of the constant fear of tripping over him but he would stop and pee at almost every single mailbox oh but the worst was when he decided to take a dump in front of us.... EWWW and it was stinky!!! Luckily we were finally able to ditch him just before we got back to Michele's house.

I really was feeling sluggish last night, luckily Rock and Brenda were feeling good and they kept the conversation going. It was funny though they would be talking about something or Rock would ask a question and I would want to say something but I just didn't have the extra energy to spare... actually that's not really very funny!

I think it was right after mile 5 we were running along one road that crosses with Michele's street, I looked down and asked Michele if that was the way back to her house...she said yes and I said good to know incase I need to turn around, my lower back was killing me and I was halfway thinking I might have to cut the run short. Lucky for me Brenda and Michele wouldn't even hear it... Brenda said no way, you will be so mad at yourself if you cut it short and Michele said oh don't worry she's not going too. Love those girls they keep me honest!!!

Great run!! slower than we have been running it but I'm fine with that!
8.03 miles
10:35 avg pace.

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Anonymous said...

Great Run. I actually enjoyed this pace much more than last week's 9:49. Since we do so much speedwork/hillwork/long runs we need a semi long run at a very comfortable pace. We will call this Wednesday 8 Endurance runs. Coach Dennis would be proud that we didn't push ourselves the day after his HARD workouts.