Thursday, October 4, 2007

Tuesday Flyers

Sometimes I think I am the luckiest girl in the world. Not only am I a member of the best running club in Arkansas the Cabot Country Cruisers and have the best running friends in the world... but I also have a 1st class running coach. Last winter when I found the Cruisers Brenda and Vicki encouraged me to join the 12 week Women can Run clinic. WOW what a great experience that was and I made even more friends, through the WCR clinic we met Andrea, as the clinic was winding down we were all sad and wanted to continue... well lucky for us Andrea's dad is a runner not just any runner, he used to run for Nike, and she talked him into creating a clnic for us. Dennis is AWESOME I honestly can't think of enough good things to say about him. Dennis has made me a stronger runner both mentally and physically!!

This past Tuesday night Dennis had a tough speed work assignment planned... lucky for me and Brenda we were exempt because of the Marathon this weekend. Woo HOO!!! lol

After we finished running Andrea said everyone to my house.... well when we got there they had a suprise waiting for us. Cindy C had a cake made for us... it was beautiful and delicious!!!! After eating cake I ran back to the school with Sonia and Jennifer it hadn't gotten pretty dark by then, Jennifer and I were stood around chatting about Memphis for a bit, I turned to unlock my car and there was a gift bag hanging on the door. I guess because it was so dark I didnt' notice it before. WOW I was thinking someone left me a present. It was a book of Marathon Quotes from Brenda... so sweet and the perfect gift.


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Susan said...

You are indeed a lucky girl!!!

What a sweet gift from Brenda!