Monday, October 22, 2007

Sunday at the River Trail

Arland had 15 on the schedule for his Sunday long run, I wanted 12. Most of the people we normally run with had done their long runs after the Race for the Cure on Saturday, but luckily Jackie was up for a run at the River Trail. She was parking in a different area with another friend Jamie and they were going to run towards us. When we arrived at our usual location they were already there taking a little pit stop. We all ran together for a little while, Jackie and Jamie are fast but I was keeping up with them, actually I think it was a combination of me speeding up a little and them slowing down a little. Arland was having a hard time finding his rythym. I chatted with the girls for a bit and realizing I wasn't going to be able to keep up with them the whole time and also not wanted Arland to run alone the whole time I slowed down. Arland's foot was really bothering him. I think all the walking we did on Saturday at the Inner Harbor and then the airport hurt him more than a run does.
I was feeling really good so I stayed close to Arland but we mostly ran our own paces. When we got to the Big Dam Bridge I had to stop to use the port-a-pottie. Arland waited for me and we headed up the bridge.... the bridge is usually my nemesis, I usually have to walk it more often than I can run it, but yesterday was a good day!! I ran all the way up, across and down never stopping, somewhere in here Arland got ahead of me... he really is very strong on hill's much like my running pal Susan :) We were just about at Murray Park when Arland said 6 miles and he turned around or so I thought. I turned around and started running thinking he was right behind me, I knew I was a little ahead but I knew he would kick my butt on the bridge so I was kind of trying to get a head start. Well I get to the bridge turn around and no Arland I was little concerned since I knew his foot was bothering him but I proceeded up the bridge anyway. Once again I thought I was going to have to walk, but I ran the whole way not stopping until I got to the bottom. Still no Arland, I used the port-a-pottie again and still no Arland I was really getting worried. Luckily I had my cell phone so I called him he was just on the other side of Murray Park, instead of turning around he was just getting water and then kept going towards Little Rock. Hmmmm well I didn't want to keep running bymyself, so I made the decision to go back up the bridge and once again I ran the whole thing!!! I had thought I might run into him at the top but no, so I continued on and met him near the bottom. By this time I was really getting tired of running up and down that damn bridge!!! but once again I ran the whole thing never walking. I really felt like I had conquered my enemy and it really gave me a lot of confidence.

The rest of the run back was good I never felt tired or had any problems, it was really pretty great. All in all a great run, I got 13.5 and Arland got his 15, although he did pay for it the rest of the day.
Average pace for my run was 11:05 for 13.5 miles that includes 3 bathroom breaks so I thought that was really good!

After we got home I made us a really good breakfast omeletes made with low fat cheese and vegtables. It was yummy and after several days of being bad it felt really good to eat something healthy!!

My neighbor and very good friend Terri took care of our mail for us while we were gone, so I went over yesterday to pick it up, I don't get to see her very often and it's always a treat when I do so I really enjoyed catching up with her. The really funny thing was that when I got home and I was looking through the mail I saw a card for me, I got a giggle when I saw that it was one she had mailed to me. The really nice thing was there was a gift certificate for a hour long massage!!! How cool is that :)

Later in the day I met Cheryl at Barnes and Noble for Coffee and then we walked over to Target. It was a lot of fun, we sat at B&N for a long time chatting and then we started looking at running books. I bought two one for me and one for Arland. The one I bought for myself is "The non Runners guide to Running for Women". I'll let you know how it is, if I ever get the chance to read it.
I really enjoy hanging out with Cheryl she is always a lot of fun Ialways end up laughing a lot when I am around her!

So to summarize my Sunday I got in a great run and I got to spend time with my best friends... who could ask for a better day :)

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