Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Spinning & Flying

Tuesday is always a great workout day for me, I start at 5:00am with an hour spinning class and then end at 6pm with our Tuesday Flyers running clinic.

Kim and I are usually the only two in spinning class.. I know someplaces wouldn't keep having class for just two people so we are lucky to have Stacy. The last 5 minutes of class we do Ab's, so not only do I get a great cardio workout I also get a great ab workout.

The Tuesday night Flyers group is growing, we had a couple new people last night and Cheryl was back... YAY Cheryl. Dennis had a meeting last night so he gave us our work out and then he had to leave... bummer!
We have three groups, beginners, intermediate and advanced. Arland, Cheryl, Kelly, Sonia, Jen and I are in the intermediate group. Our workout last night after the .7 mile warm up was 4 strides and then one 800 with three minues rest, one 1,000 with three minutes rest and then another 800 finishing off with 4 strides. 800's and 1,000 were to be done at our Lactate Threshold pace.

It was really chilly last night and I was anxious to get started just to warm up, oh and I also needed to use the bathroom, Andrea's house near where we do our workouts so she told me I could use their restroom. Well it was so cold I didn't think I was going to make it!! The cold does that to me, I remember when I was in the restaurant business, anytime I had to go into the big walk in coolers or freezers I would immediately have to go pee.

After our little break Cheryl and I caught up with the group and started our workout. We ended up doing 1 800 and 2 1,000's. While we were running I told Cheryl I had a Turkey Freschetta sandwich from Wendy's, when she told me she had looked them up before and they are really high in calories I was bummed so I said let's do 1,000 instead of 800. I told her she was being punished because of my poor food choices.
During the strides Cheryl decided she wanted to show me up, and damn that girl can run fast when she wants to!! At one point me, Cheryl, Sonia and Jen were racing each other. Or maybe I was just racing them, all I knew was that when I heard those footsteps coming I knew I couldn't let them pass me. Sprinting is NOT my strenghth, I really do much better starting off slow and then graudually building speed, but it was fun "racing" them last night.

After the workout we came home had an Amy's organic spinach and tomato pizza and watched the Marathon Challenge on PBS.

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Susan said...

I was a little disappointed with the Marathon Challenge. It was a whole lot more medical than I expected. I wanted the see the info... just not the whole show's worth! Ha.