Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Part 2 of Sunday on the River Trail

After the 12 mile run Michele and I became Arland and Jane's support crew. I did this a couple of weeks ago and really enjoyed it. It was even more fun this time having Michele with me.
We sent Jane and Arland on while we said good-bye to Heather and had some snacks. I didn't want them to stop too long and get stiff and not want to finish. I know that feeling all too well!!
After saying good bye to Heather,Michele and I got on our bikes and started off, OUCH it was freezing, neither one of us had anything warm on our heads. Michele had been running with an earband on but she took it off after the run. We hadn't gotten too far and I knew we would be miserable if we didn't do something about keeping our ears warm. We turned around and Michele put on her earband and some sunglasses... I looked everywhere but I didnt' have anything. I was wearing a jacket that had a hood so I just put the hood on over my running hat and hoped it would stay up.
I really wish I would have thought to take pictures of us... Michele looked like one of the cops on Reno 911 and as I would find out later I looked like the Unabomber.

Michele and I soon caught up with Arland and Jane, but not before we were just completely cracking up at ourselves... Michele hasn't ridden her bike in years and her gears were a little rusty, and me if I try to turn my head I run off the side of the road. Needless to say we probably looked ridiclous!!!

Arland and Jane seemed happy to see us, our "crew" duties mostly consisted of keeping them entertained and carrying anything they didn't have room for or didn't want anymore.
I filled up my water bottles with acclerade and would remind them to drink every now and then.
Arland and Jane didnt' want to go back to the bridge so decided to run around the soccer fields at Burns Park which is across from the River Trail. Well normally there isn't much traffic on Sunday mornings, but this Sunday was a big Soccer tournament, so Michele and I novice bike riders that we are had to dodge a lot of cars. No offense to anyone, but here in Arkansas I have noticed that "Soccer parents" are not always the best drivers. I don't know if it's because they are always late trying to get all the kids ready or what but they always seem to drive really fast and they don't pay attention to other cars or people on bikes, or foot. We have a soccer Softball field not far from our house and I see this every weekend. Well It was the same in Burns Park so Michele and i were lucky to esape unharmed. I was sooo happy to get back on the River Trail and only have to dodge other bikers and runners!
Part of my job as support crew also is to keep Jane out of the other biker's path. Last time she was nearly taken out by a female biker... she looked nice enough decked out in pink, but she had a heart of steel because although it was obvious Jane was delirious she aimed right for her. Ok maybe that wasnt' exactly how it happend, but Jane did almost get taken out by the "pink biker chick" and after that incident it became my mission to protect her from herself. Turns out this week I also had to protect Michele!! LOL They have a bad habit of running, or riding in the middle of the trail and not moving over when bikes are coming in the opposite direction. I was constantly having to remind them in a firm yet loving voice to MOVE OVER!!!
Of course they were calling me mean etc.
While we were still at the soccer fields we stopped at the restroom, it was then that I realized what I looked like. I came out of the tbe bathroom and said to the group thanks a lot for telling me I look like the Unabomber!! If I would have traded sunglasses with Michele it would have really looked like him!
For me and Michele the time really flew by on the bikes... not so much for Jane and Arland but before I knew it they were on the home stretch. Arland's calf started cramping up around mile 12 but by mile 18 it was getting worse and at one point the pain just stopped him in his tracks. I didnt' know this at the time as I was chatting with Jane. Michele was back with Arland and I was with Jane, a little bit later Michele joined us...she said she was worried she was driving him nuts with her chatter. He told me later she really helped him not think of the pain. Michele and I escorted Jane back to the Skate Park and then turned back for Arland.
I'm so proud of both them, they both finished strong, even Arland with his calf pain.

We had a little tail gate party with fruit and Almond thins with humus.

I wish I could remember all the funny things Michele said during our ride, that girl is seriously funny!! Most people probably don't know that about her because she is usually pretty quiet but once you get to know her she is a riot!!!!

It was great morning of running & riding and now Jane and Arland are ready for Tulsa!!!

Jane & Arland celebrating the completion of their 20 miler

Arland taking a spin on my bike after finishing his run.

Me Jane and Michele

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