Monday, October 29, 2007

Sunday on the River Trail

Yesterday was Arland and Jane's last 20 miler before the Tulsa Route 66 marathon.
Orginally I didnt' have a specific mileage in mind for myself since I knew I was running 12 with Susan on Saturday. One of my friends Heather needed 12 so I told her I would do 12 with her. We ran from the skate park to Murray Park with the Big Dam Bridge in between. Michelle also came out to run with us she didn't have any mileage goals just wanted to run. Michelle is so funny, she let me know as soon as we got to the skate park she was not happy to be there!!! It was cold and dark and she wanted to be home in bed, which was a sentiment shared by us all I think.
Once we got started though she started feeling better and let me know she was glad she came.
We probably started out a little fast considering that Arland and Jane had to do 20 miles. We tried to slow it down a bit, but we were all feeling pretty good so it was hard.
Considering I had run 15 miles the day before I felt great, but that feeling wasn't going to last the whole run.
Just about a mile before the bridge we ran into Gary and Curtis... LOVE those guys!!! Curtis starting running with Arland and Jane, and Gary was running with me Heather and Michelle. He is FAST so I told him don't push us!! LOL I think he knew I was kiddding. Of course he did push us, but it wasnt' his fault we were just enjoying running with him. Once we got to the Bridge I had to make a pit stop and got left behind :( Oh well I knew that worst case scenerio I would just catch everyone on the way back and have a little shorter mileage for the day. As it turns out Michelle walked the bridge I think partly to wait on me, and partly becasue the bridge has done a number on her IT band before and she didn't want to chance it. I was able to catch up to her at the bottom of the bridge. I am proud to say that after all those hills on Saturday I did run the entire way up the bridge and over.
Once I caught up with Michelle it didn't take us long to catch up with the others and when we got to Murray park we all took a walk break. Michelle needed to use the restroom so Gary, Curtis, Heather and I walked a loop around the restrooms. We regrouped and all ran to the bridge together, but by now fatigue was starting to set in and I gave myself permission to walk up the bridge. I did manage a few jogs but mostly walked. Once again I was alone!!! Michele was feeling good and she powered up the bridge and I think she might have even ran down it, it's the downhills that bother her the most.
When I got to the bottom everyone had stopped for a break, I think maybe some needed to use the port-a-potties. Gary and Curtis had done hill repeats on their bikes before they met up with us for the run and they were just about done. We stopped to take pictures.

Gary and Curtis walked with us for a bit and once we started running again they said good-bye. Did I already say I LOVE those guys??? well I do.
We also met up with Marianne she was on her bike and she rode beside the others while they went up the bridge. I didnt' really get to talk to her much since I was always behind at that point. She's the one on the bike in the pictures. Marianne has done Ironman KY. and Ironman FL. she really is an inspiration!!

So we said our good byes and headed back to the skate park... The 15 miles from the day before and the Bridge were starting to take there toll. I was really starting to lose steam. I managed to hold it together until about mile 10 and then as the splits will show I just gave up!! I even told Michele don't worry about me I am going to just walk/run as much as I can for the rest. Heather went on, but Michele stayed with me, she said she was really only had wanted 8 miles so she was fine.

So I ended up with
12 miles
11:34 avg pace

1- 10:35
2- 11:07
3- 10:38
4- 10:15 (hooked up with Gary)
5- 11:28 bridge potty break
6- 10:27
7- 12:41 Long walk at Murray park
8- 14:34 Bridge and stopping to take pictures
9- 11:18
10- 11:07
11- 12:25
12- 12:03
Miles 7 and 8 look slow, but really I think I was still running at a good pace we just had some breaks in there. Miles 11 and 12 are where I really slowed down.

After the run we had a little snack and said our good byes to Heather and then Michele and I got our bikes out and started our crewing duties.

To Be continuted.........


Susan said...

WOW! You are just amazing. What endurance! You ran a zillion miles this weekend. WOW!

peter said...

I found your blog thru Susan and I just read your account of Chicago (which I ran). Ice cream at MP 24.5, mmmm. The mere thought of it, in my searing memory of Chicago, is pleasant. Sorry you got told to WALK by the police, I was just ahead of that effort, apparently, and it would have given me real problems to not be able to control my own run. (I am not a rule follower.) I can't imagine walking the length of Michigan Avenue, all those miles, with that hot sun beating down and your feet just cooking away. What were they thinking? Your story about taking your socks off as a bright idea just killed me. :) Nice job to finish the run!

Annette said...

Peter.. I like to think that if the blisters on the bottom of my feet hadn't gotten so bad I might have tried to run more. My friend Brenda who was ahead of me as well, told me that she would run in between police officers, race officials.
Thanks for visiting and commenting I will have chicago pictures up soon.