Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A Frightful Run

This morning Kim and I met at my house to run. Arland decided to sleep in, his calf/achilles is still bothering him. I thought Jane was coming too, we waited for a little while and then started off.
It was pretty chilly this morning, low 40's. I decided to wear capri tights, and a short sleeve tech shirt and a long sleeve tech shirt. I thought the long sleeve shirt would come off sometime during the run and although I did warm up quite a bit I was never too hot. Gloves and a running hat finished off the ensemble. I wore the hat so I could attach a light to it, I also had a blinky light on the back of my shirt. Kim had on a reflective belt and her shoes had a lot of reflective stuff. I thought we would be pretty visible to any cars that might be out that early. We used to walk a bit before running to warm up, but it was too cold for walking so we started running almost immediately. We had just left my neighborhood when all of a sudden I got a really strange feeling in my left hip/upperthigh area it kind of just gave out on me and I found my self reaching for Kim's arm for support. It was just for a split second, but it really threw me off. We kept on running... Kim was filling me in on stuff going on with her. One of the great things about running with Kim is that alhtough she is a faster runner she doesn't mind running my pace, and since she is running slower than normal for her she can talk. It really helps pass the time. We were running our normal route with just one small change, and as we were running near the high school we had our first or maybe for me second mishap.
A trash truck was coming out of a side street, across from us, it appeared that he was going to turn onto the main road but instead he was coming straight across the road straight for us. YIKES.... luckily he did see us and stopped. We still kept on running, so far nothing had made us stop. We had to slow down at a couple of intersections oh and the train, that slowed us down, but we kept running or at least jogging in place until it passed. Soon we were back on 1st street which leads straight to my neighbrhood. We had about 1.5 miles left. My left hip/rear was bothering me a little bit but not enough to stop or have to walk. As we were getting furthur down 1st street I was pretty excited I knew we were going to get our 5 miles and we were going to do it with no walk breaks.

We were about 2 blocks from my neighborhood and that section of the road didn't have a shoulder just a ditch, I see a large SUV coming towards us, but I know we are pretty well illuminated so I wasn't too worried... I should have been! He/she kept coming towards us and I kept thinking surely they are going to move over, I glanced down to see what options I had, just for a split second and the next thing you know the SUV is right on top of us forcing us down into the ditch. OH it was ON... I was so mad,I started yelling at the SUV ASSHOLE!!!! the next thing you know I'm running down the street yelling Mother F***kr... A-HOle. I just couldn't stop screaming. Of course now I'm really embarassed but at the time I was out of control!!! Of course once the SUV was gone if anyone had been outside or looking out their window or door all they would have seen was some crazy woman running down the middle of the street shouting obsenities. People think we are crazy as it is so I can imagine that wouldn't have improved our image!
I had planned to finish the run with some strides but after the near miss with the SUV I was just happy to be able to finish.
Even with all our scary experiences we ended up with a good run.

5.01 miles
10:25 avg pace
Avg heart rate 156
Max heart rate 166.. I thought it would have been higher.
1- 10:13
2- 10:27
3- 10:28
4- 10:37
5- 10:24
Not bad considering I had spinning class yesterday morning and speed work last night, and we were almost killed not once but twice!
I felt comfortable the whole run, other than once or twice on a couple of inclines I never felt like I was pushing it.

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Susan said...

Speedy woman!

What a horrible string of events. Has your hip/rear acted up since?

I have a rule about drivers. I think 8 out of 10 see us and move WAY over (if possible). The 9th will move over just enough (like 3 feet). The 10th A**HO*E doesn't move an inch, like your experience, and forces us to the ditch! I hate #10!!!!!