Friday, October 12, 2007

Swim Lessons

I've been playing with the idea of some kind of swim lesson's for a while now. I've been swimming my whole life, but never really had any kind of form and didn't know proper breathing. I'm interested in maybe trying some Tri's next year. I have a comfort bike, not meant for racing but I do ok with it and am planning on getting a new road bike very soon. That leaves swimming... well fellow cruiser Jackie worked out a special rate for the cruisers with the head of aquatics at the Jacksonville CC. So Thursday nights at 7:00 we are taking swim lessons... the first one was last week, the night before we were leaving for Chicago. It was very interesting, we worked mostly on breathing, because Brenda and I didn't want to do anything too taxing before our marathon. Last night was the second lesson. We had a different instructor, I didn't think I was going to like her at first. Something about her was off putting to me for some reason, but even after she tried to drown me I grew to like her, and actually hope we have her more often. I hope we will be able to continue these lessons all winter. They have us broken up into diffrent groups, I'm with Brenda and Maddy, it's nice to have Brenda there and Maddy is such a sweet heart. We kind of fell into the middle, there was the can swim a mile group, hmm don't remember the other one, but it had something to do with completing shorter distance tri's... then there was our group the know how to swim but can't swim really far group. The next group were the one's who didn't really know how to swim and some of them were afraid to put there heads under the waterand some were afraid of the deep end. It was really to cool to see how quickly Cheryl and Kim were dunking their heads under the water and actually gliding up and the lane a little bit. Their group was split up between two instructors because there were more of them. Vic, Jane and Sarah are also doing great... they were really tearing up the lane's last night!!
Cheryl and Kim had to miss, Kim is sick and Cheryl was out of town.

I also take spinning class twice a week.. Tuesday and Thursday at 5:00am, I havent been in two weeks and look forward to getting back to it. One thing I'm not looking forward to...... a sore rear end!!! I had gotten to where the bike seat didn't hurt anymore and now I have to start all over.

Tomorrow morning will be my first run since the Marathon... I hope my legs remember how to run!!!

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Susan said...

Swimming - I am jealous!