Thursday, October 11, 2007

More Chicago Thoughts

I have kind of been in a bit of a fog since the Marathon. It's been hard to focus at work, and the blisters on the bottom of me feet have made trying to get things done at home almost impossible. I don't know if part of the fog is because I haven't been able to run??? Whatever is was I have finally started to emerge slowly but surely.

I have been reading a lot of blog reports about Chicago, and all I can say is WOW... I had heard reports that the Marathon officials were blaming the runners I have even heard that reoprters have called us stupid for even showing up at the start line. I am truly just flabbergasted... I mean WOW I can't believe how narrow minded, mean spirited and totally ignorant they are to make such comments.

My heart breaks for everyone who was sick, injured or not able to finish the race for whatever reason. I did not realize at the time how incrediably lucky I was. I sure didn't feel lucky, I was pretty miserable the last 6 miles, but we were always surrounded by people so I had no idea how many were not allowed to finish.

I truly believe that my training in the heat really helped me survive the marathon on Sunday, but you know what thousands of others also trained in similiar or worse conditions and many of them were not able to finish. I came away from this experience even stronger mentally and physcially.. it in no way diminished my love of running or my desire to run marathons, I just hope that all of those who got sick or were stopped by race officials can find that love and desire again. Don't let the poor planning and name calling by the Race Director take that away from you!!!!!

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Susan said...


I'm glad the sour conditions did not spoil your marathon experience. See - our horrible summer did something for us after all. HA!