Monday, October 29, 2007

More thoughts from Saturday's run

When I composed my post about the run with Susan I was so excited to be adding pictures that I forgot some of what I wanted to say about the run.

I forgot to mention the dogs... thankfully we did not encounter any problems with animals. We did see a couple on the side of the road at one point, of course I immediately froze but Susan said don't worry I'm the dog whisperer. I guess she was right because they just stayed where they were.
A little later we were running along and I was saying how I thought this run qualifed as cross country because of all the dirt and grass were running in along the side of the road when suddenly a dog started barking and ran towards us... again I panicked but luckily the owners were right there and the dog didn't get close to us.

Another thing I wanted to mention and mabye I did, was how friendly a lot of people were along our course. We got a lot of waves and thumbs up from people, mostly older men and women, and when we were running through town in Malvern one man in his drive way called out Run girls run.. or something along those lines. It was GREAT!! Much friendlier than we usually get in Cabot. Well except that one time when we were running and a man drove by and asked if we wanted a ride!! LOL

I also wanted to mention how proud I am of Susan. She does almost all of her running alone. I can't even begin to imagine what that would be like, I am blessed with so many wonderful running partners. I honestly don't know how I would have made it through my marathon training without Brenda, Michelle, Kim, Cheryl and so many other running friends. So Big props to Susan for getting out there and getting in all of her training runs alone!!! I admire you more than you know!

Also a big shout out to Elijah... we thought of and talked about you a lot during our run!!! You were also in my thoughts on Sunday when I was starting to fatigue during the last miles of my run. You are a strong boy and if you can go through all that you have in your short life I can finish a 12 mile run!!! Thanks for the Inspiration!!!

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Susan said...

Awwww! You're so sweet. YOU are inspiring, you fast, zillion-mile runner!