Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I wimped out

Well bummer... I didn't go to the Tuesday Night Flyer's running clinic tonight. It has been COLD and rainy all day, while I was out and about earlier in the day I got chilled and never could seem to warm up after that. I still thought I would go to run, but when I left work it was cold, rainy and then my low fuel light came on in my truck... running in the rain no problem, getting gas in the rain NO WAY!! LOL I know I'm crazy.
Soooo I get home call Brenda and hope she says she's not going either, but of course I knew better than that. Brenda is tough and a little bit of cold rain isn't going to stop her. I also called Andrea and she almost guilted me into going, but as soon as I hung up the guilt trip was over.
Brenda called me on her way home, they did have several people show up and she had a great run. Next time I need to just suck it up and go.. and I will!!

I did get a workout in this morning.. I went to my 5:00am spinning class. Boy does spinning kick my butt!! I love it ... when it's over! Seriously within the first couple of seconds my heart was racing and I was already breaking into a sweat. Of course it didnt' help that the tension thingy isn't working correctly and it would either tighten or loosen up all by itself, which can be dangerous ! ! especially if you are in the middle of a standing hill climb when the tension loosens. NOT GOOD!!!
Anyway I was tough this morning but a wimp tonight. I have a fun run scheduled for tomorrow and I'm really looking forward to it.. come rain or sunshine!

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