Thursday, October 25, 2007

Beware of Dog

Yesterday afternoon I met Brenda and Michelle in NLR to run out by the Old Mill. Michelle came to Team 1 and we rode together. I haven't seen her since the marathon so it was great to see her and catch up on life and discuss some of our favorite t.v. shows.
I missed the turn into Lakewood because we almost witnessed an accident and it kind of freaked me out a little. Luckily no accident but it was very close. We had to turn around at Starbucks and with rush hour traffic I didn't think we were ever going to get out of there, Michelle kept telling me I was bigger than eveyrone else so just go for it!! LOL A nice lady in a cadillac finally let us out and we ended only being a few minutes late.
It was pretty chilly and windy at the start of our run, but it didnt' take long to warm up, especially since we had a nice little hill within the first few minutes of the run. I was really struggling with my breathing at first. It was kind of embarassing, I felt like I was so loud. I was determined though to keep up with Brenda and Michele and I did, except going up the hill at the Old Mill. We did a 2.5 mile loop twice so that meant going up that hill twice. I am proud to say although it really slowed me down I ran the whole time and even after cresting the top kept running, I had to so I could catch up with the girls.
One of the really nice things about running around Lakewood is the bathrooms so nice not to have to use a port-a-pottie, although there is one of those by the Old Mill just in case.
The first run up the Old Mill hill did something funky to my stomach so I needed to make a pit stop at those nice bathrooms. This is also where we were parked and had stashed our water bottles. After our pitstop we started off again, I was feeling pretty good, and we were just chatting away. One of our conversations centered around all the bad things we've been eating lately. It felt good to get it off my chest and to know I wasn't the only one!!

On our first loop we had encountered a very friendly dog, Brenda tried to scare him off, but he followed us for quite a while, finally he found another dog to play with. As we were getting closer to the area we had seen the little fella the first time I knew we would probably see him again... well I was right, he saw us coming and he was so HAPPY to see us he was just barreling towards us, I had a bad feeling.... we were running pretty fast at the time and I started slowing down, I knew what was going to happen next. The little bugger ran right for me and got tangled up in my feet, which resulted in me going down. I fell a couple of weeks before the marathon and really did a number on my knee, shin and hands... this time I tried not to put so much pressure on my hands and I did some kind of roll. I actually layed there for a second, last time I fell I popped right up, this time it took a few seconds. I'm fine, my knee is banged up again and i scrapped my palms a bit. It was more embarassing than anything, and of course I had a few tears. I think the tears embrassed me more than anything!! LOL poor Brenda and Michelle they are starting to get used to my tears!!

After the fall we walked for a little bit so I could get my composure back, but not for too long I knew the longer I walked the harder it would be to run.
I really like running in Lakewood, the cars are used to people running in that area and we got lot's of waves and people were very considerate of us, there were other runners out and about too and that is always nice. Towards the end of the run we were chugging up an incline when a very nice looking young guy passed us.. As soon as he was out of earshot I said that sucks or something along those lines, here we were running pretty hard and he just passes us so smooth and easy!!! LOL He passed us again later and Brenda made a comment about it as he was running by, he gave us a big smile :)
My Garmin lost satelite at 4.19 miles and although the time kept ticking away the mileage stayed at 4.19. I know we did at least 6 miles. Brenda and Michelle got a little more than me, they ran up and down in front of the restrooms when I had to make my pit stop.

Great run with great friends :)

This morning was spinning class and tonight swim lessons.

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Susan said...

You are one active woman! :)

I'm sorry you fell. I have a history of falling...

See ya Saturday!