Monday, October 1, 2007

Cruiser trash pick up and Mexican food

Sunday was a great day, I got to run with Kim and Susan in the morning hang out with Cheryl for a little while at Starbucks and then got to spend the afternoon with some more of my favorite people!

The Cabot Cruisers have a stretch of HWY 89 where we pick up trash. They always start off with a run and then everyone gathers at the school and to prepare for the trash pick-up. Vicki is VERY organized, she has orange vests, gloves and tools for picking up trash. I started off with a stick or poker or whatevery you call it, it looks like a broom handle with a spike at the end of it. It was too long for me and very cumbersome, luckily the very chilvirous David H. offered to trade his "grabber" for my "poker"... hmmm that looks kind of obscene LOL
Brenda counted 20 people, it's so cool to see so many Cruisers with their orange vests on attacking the roadside. I started off with Shalynn, Waylon and David H. but soon I saw that Shalynn had gone over to the other side of the road and it was Waylon David and I. I was talking to Waylon a lot and pretty much just had my head down the whole time looking for trash... next thing you know I look up and everyone was WAY ahead of us. I didn't mind at all because I really enjoyed talking to Waylon. Waylon is Shalynns's boyfriend and I first met him a few months ago at the Big Damn Bridge 5k. He is such a sweetheart, when I'm running a race I tend to be a little goofy... ok well I guess I"m goofy all the time, but worse when I'm running. Anyway he wasn't put off by my silliness at all. Shaylynn is leaving us, she is moving to Fayetville to start a new Internship and although we really hate to see her go, I'm excited for her as she begins this next chapter in her life.

The walk back after picking up trash was very hot!!! but knowing that as soon as we got back we were goin to eat Mexican made it easier to get through.

Another one of our running friends Paulette is also moving to Fayetville so this lunch was a way to spend time with and say good-bye to Paulette and Shaylynn. Any time that I get to spend with my cruiser friends is awesome but throw in some mexcican food on top and I'm in heaven!!! LOL

So Sunday was a great day for running and friends!! I am very blessed :)

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