Monday, October 1, 2007


Sunday morning Kim and I met Susan from Benton at the River Trail for an 8 mile run for us and 12 for Susan.

I have been reading blogs since soon after I started running. I think I found the first one while visiting the Runner's World forum, and from there I discovered the world of blogging. I have quite a few blogs I follow faithfully but pretty much every day I find a new one. The reason I mention this is because that is how I met Susan, one of the nicest people in the world. I think I found her through a comment she left on Marathon Chris's blog... when I clicked on her link and saw she was from Arkansas I was SO excited. She was training for the Little Rock marathon and I started following her training. In June she posted that she was doing the BRICKFEST 5K, I told myself then that if I saw her and recognized her I would say hello. I'm actually kind of shy so I didnt' know if I would follow through or not, but after the race when I was all hot and sweaty I spotted her in the line for the ladies room. I was standing right behind her so I had to say hi. The look on her face was priceless when I said are you Susan and then told her I read her blog. Luckily she didnt' think I was some kind of stalker and we had a great conversation. Her husband was with her and he took some pictures of us and he is just a great guy, he is very supportive of her running!!!

A couple of weeks ago Susan met us at the River Trail for our last 20 miler, she ran the last 15 with us. It was aswesome having her along and really added to making my last 20 successful!! Oh and she also brought along this WONDERFUL potato salad!!

We made plans to run together again this past Sunday. Orginally Susan was going to run 16 and I had 8 on my schedule.
Kim, and I met her at 6:30 well actually a little earlier than that... but it was perfect timing she had run her first 4, she had to change her run to 12 instead of 16 due to some hamstring issues. It was a nice run, the weather was nice a little warm towards the end and the sun was relentless!! Thank goodness for all the shady spots along the trail. This was Kim's first run in 2 weeks, she has been wearing a boot to try to heal the stress fractures in her feet. We just ran a very easy 8 miles, we took a few extended walk breaks, but that was fine, I was really just wanting to have a nice easy enjoyable run... and I did :)
Susan is running the Memphis Marathon on December 1st. She is a St. Jude's hero and is running for her friend Elijah who is fighting Cancer for the second time. Eventually I will figure out how to put links and stuff in here.
Cheryl, Kim and a whole bunch of Cruisers are running the 1/2 in Memphis and I'm looking forward to being at the finish line cheering Susan on when she finishes her second marathon.

After the run Kim and I met Cheryl at Starbucks on JFK... do you see a trend here??? LOL Running and starbucks go hand in hand :)
Cheryl brought Kim and I little gifts for our marathon :) Such a sweet thoughtful thing to do... but that's our Cheryl!!! I wish she was going to chicago with us, she is a fun person to travel with!! Kim Cheryl and I wen to Palm Springs together last Summer and we had a great time!!


Susan said...


You are the sweetest!

I enjoy running with you. I look forward (well, almost...) to the 22-miler!


Cheryl said...

Wow - I think you've really got this blogging thing down now!! Great job see you tonight maybe.