Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Beating the Rain

Kim and I made plans to run Monday morning at 5:30, the weather forcast called for possible rain. I woke up at 4:50 and listened for rain, nope pretty quiet so I got up and checked outside, no rain. At 5:30 I went outside to turn my garmin on and wait for Kim, as soon as I stepped outside I thought hmmmm they must have really been way off on the forcast. It was beautiful the stars were shining so bright and not a sign of clouds. Kim arrived and we took off, we were doing our normal 4 mile route. As we were running along I thought I saw flashes of light in the sky but just shrugged it off. This was mine and Kim's first run together in ages well except for the Marathon and that was completely different!!!
We made it to our turn around point I was feeling really good, I had decided the night before I needed to try to push myself on this run. Although techinically this was supposed to be a recovery run after the 14 on Sunday. Anyway we were just cruising along talking and enjoying the cool weather when suddenly I saw a huge flash of light and realized that I could no longer see any stars the clouds had rolled in. I guess it was about 1/4 mile from home when the rain started, at first it was just a sprinkle but then it started coming down pretty hard. I really didn't mind the rain it was the lightening that was making me nervous. We picked up our pace and flew home. Usually we do a cool down lap around the neighbrhood but that wasn't happening!!!! We stretched a little bit in the garage and then it was time for Kim to go home. We lucked out and got in a really great run with only a little bit of rain. It's Tuesday afternoon now and it feels like it has been raining off and on ever since.

Monday 5:30 am 4 miles
9:58 average pace 39:12
1- 9:43
2-10:34 we had to slow down for traffic a couple of times.
4-9:26 trying to beat the rain

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Susan said...

Wow - you are WAY TOO FAST to be running with a poke like me! :)