Thursday, October 4, 2007

Cranky Wednesday

Yesterday just sucked... I don't know why but by mid afternoon I slipped into some kind of funk and was just feeling like crap the rest of the day.
There were a couple of things that contributed to it.
1. I didnt' get to run with Jane and Kim, we were rained out.
2. My friend Cheryl found out she can't run for at least 3 weeks due to her ankle sprain :(
3. .................
4. I miss Kylie & Livia big time!!!
5.The weather reports for Chicago

I don't know... with all the excitement about the marathon, A great Tuesday night, I really dont' know why this happened.
Arland and I did get in a really good run last night and for a little while I felt better but just like a caffeine high, once the endorphins wore off I was back in that funk.
I got absolutely nothing done last night :( After our run I sat my butt on the couch and watched t.v. the rest of the night.
Oh well here's hoping today gets better!!
Speaking of t.v.... anyone watch Private Practice last night??? What did you think???


Susan said...

Things WILL get better!

I watched the show -- wowee zowee!

Cheryl said...

Was it on last night? Darn!

Sorry you are having a bad day, I know the feeling sista! I'm bummed about you guys leaving me and that I can't go with you just to cheer you on. You'll be in CHICAGO tomorrow, I'm so excited for you!

MarathonChris said...

Hang in there - I bet it is all part of the taper blues anxiety thing. Now you are almost there to toe the line!!! You will do great!! The excitement will get you pumped!