Monday, October 1, 2007


Saturday morning I met the Cruisers for the Saturday morning run. This was my first Saturday morning run with the group in quite a while. Cheryl and I usually run with the LR Marathon training group, and I love it, but she twisted her ankle while running in Seattle last week :( Not only is Cheryl my best friend she is a great running partner so I really miss running with her!!

So back to Saturday morning, I think all together we had 15 or more people. We split off into two groups and Brenda, Kelly & husband, and a new girl Marlena and I headed one way to run our 3 miles, while the rest went in the opposite direction for their long runs. It was really weird for me and Brenda to only be running 3 miles. It was a beautiful morning, and a very enjoyable run. It was nice to be able to just go for a run.. no watter bottle, gels, felt very light and free. It was a great run, but when we were finished it just felt strange, like we had left something undone. Brenda and I decided to go to Star Bucks so we could chat and obsess about Chicago! LOL
We had Chi Tea lattes.. very good!! Thanks Cindy C for telling us about them. As we were sitting outside we saw several running friends. First Shaylnn and her boyfriend showed up, Shalynn is moving away so it was nice to get to see her... we are really going to miss her!!!
A few minutes later there is Heather and her husband Kevin. They came out and chatted with us for a little bit. I also saw a friend from Jazzercise Janet C.
I think we were probably there for at least 2 hours.. it was great and I really enjoyed it!

My husband Arland was riding in his first "century" It was the Big Dam Bridge 100 miler. There were also several others from the Cruisers riding. You can read all about it on his blog.

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